CEC Internships 

Check back in February for a list of our Spring Internship opportunities!


Internships are available each term with the Corvallis Environmental Center. They are an opportunity to learn more about the world of nonprofit and environmental work and to get involved with our organization. These unique and applicable work experiences are unpaid but are eligible for academic credits (when applicable). The CEC offers multiple internships throughout our programs and each works with several students every term. Please click the titles for more description on each of the internships offered.


“[I cannot express] how helpful the Corvallis environmental center has been to not only my schooling but to my personal growth. I started off this year unsure of what I wanted to pursue with my degree but through being able to dedicate my time to working with this huge variety of children’s programs I feel truly thankful that I have found something I am passionate about. I am excited to take the skills I learned these last a few months and apply them to my professional career.”¬† ¬† –Fall 2019 Intern

Questions? Email Josie at office@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org