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The Corvallis Environmental Center (CEC) is a 501c3 nonprofit that was founded in 1994 as a grassroots effort to take action on a number of environmental issues. For over 25 years the CEC has been one of the keystones of our local community. Through programs focused on environmental literacy, food and farming education, local food security, energy efficiency and climate action, the CEC has established itself as a regional leader in the environmental movement.

Our mission is to educate, engage, and inspire people to be involved in creating a healthy, sustainable community. The CEC fills an important niche–every year we directly reach more than 15,000 people through our projects and programs.

Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE): 

SAGE is a 1-acre production garden located in Bruce Starker Arts Park.

Each year we donate over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables to enhance food security in Corvallis! Each year SAGE produces over 5000 lbs of fresh organic produce. 


Here are some of the locations where the community can find our produce:

  • South Corvallis Food Bank

  • Stone Soup Kitchen

  • Basic Needs Center at OSU

  • Corvallis Daytime Drop-In Center

  • Old Mill Center & Stand By SAGE

  • Community Outreach Inc.


Our goal is to put more nutritious, fresh, locally grown produce in the hands (and mouths) of our community’s residents who need it most! 

Education Programs:

Avery House Nature Center in Avery Park holds our preschool as well as serving as a base for many of our summer camps and other nature-based programming. in 2019 we established our afternoon bilingual preschool program! Area schools and partner organizations also host CEC programs including Tasting Tables, Classroom Food Adventures, and the Corvallis School Districts PAGES afterschool enrichment program. Nature and farm field trips occur at parks and partner locations in and around Corvallis.

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