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The Confluence Building

The Confluence Vision Statement

Co-locating and sharing resources increases the social and environmental impact of our network beyond what we could accomplish as individual organizations, like tributaries flow together to create larger rivers with greater momentum. Our collective impact will mean healthier and more resilient people, lands, waters, and wildlife.

We acknowledge that environmental justice is inextricably linked to social justice. We accomplish our collective impact by honoring indigenous history, diminishing limitations imposed by systemic racism, and amplifying the voices from communities who have been excluded from the conservation movement. We embrace the change this journey creates within our individual organizations and collaborative network and acknowledge that such change strengthens our ability to accomplish our goals.


The Confluence Values

  1. We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. 

  2. We value the interconnectedness of all life.

  3. We value deep and authentic collaboration.

  4. We value open-mindedness and diverse perspectives.

  5. We value the cycle of adaptive change: making mistakes, reflecting, evaluating, and making adjustments. 

  6. We value integrity.


The Confluence building team is committed to local & sustainable design:

  • 75% of building materials sourced, grown and processed within 30 miles

  • 80% of construction labor consists of workers living within 2 miles and commuting by bicycle

  • 98% of construction waste & packaging material is re-used or recycled

  • Zero solvent-based coatings used

  • Solar panels

  • Paintless exterior

  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

The long-term outcomes of this shared space center will reduce operations costs for tenants, create more formal working collaborations across partner program areas, and raise public awareness and support for the building's tenants - thereby enabling the partner organizations to deepen the impact of
their own missions and achieve greater ecological outcomes for their organization and our community.


The Confluence building, 400 block of SW 2nd in downtown Corvallis.


Local timber being milled for beams to be used in The Confluence.


Project Partners of The Confluence, 2018.

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