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Corvallis Carbon Offset Fund


Shrink your carbon footprint and benefit our local community 
with your donation.

Funds are distributed in preset proportions to the beneficiary organizations listed in the section below. For more information visit the CCOF website.

Our climate is unburdened by 1 tonne of CO2 for every $65 received.

CCOF carbon offsets will apply to the carbon emission goals of the Corvallis Climate Action Plan.  

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

There are two ways to donate.  

1)  Checks are preferred.  Please make checks payable to CEC with a notation for CCOF and mail to

CEC, P.O. Box 456  Corvallis, OR 97339..OBox 456Corvallis, OR 97339P.O. Box 456Corvallis, OR 97339

2)  Credit/debit card and PayPal are accepted by clicking on the yellow button.


Specify CCOF on the "Write a note" line of the CEC PayPal form.  Please consider adding 3% to cover credit card processing fees.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Beneficiary organizations

Four local organizations were selected to receive distributions from the CCOF for 2023.

Weatherization Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program of the Community Services Consortium increases energy efficiency in low income homes in the Corvallis vicinity.  Insulation, duct sealing, weatherstripping, and aged furnace replacements conserve energy in housing with considerable heat leakage.


Marys River Watershed Council

Marys River Watershed Council works with pubilc and private lands to restore habitat and plant trees and other vegetation to reduce erosion and improve water quality of Marys River and its tributaries. Education and recommendations are provided to the public and landowners for responsible care of riparian and aquatic environments.  Events are periodically organized for hands-on volunteer projects.









Seeds for the Sol

Seeds for the Sol adds photovoltaic generating capacity and heat pump hybrid water heaters for low to moderate income residences in the Corvallis vicinity.


Solarize Corvallis

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition's Solarize Corvallis program provides financing for large community photovoltaic projects at publicly-owned facilities in Corvallis.  These solar systems can be converted to provide emergency power to support essential services during long term blackouts.

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