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Earn credit towards your degree while enjoying your work!

 Summer Internship Applications Open!


Summer Internships run from June 26th-September 1st. These internships are unpaid. Internships can be used for school credit. Check to see if this is a possibility with your school and/or instructors.


The application closes at the end of business (5 pm) on Thursday, June 1st. After applying, you can expect to hear back from staff by the end of business on June 6th. If you need the process expedited for the purpose of getting course credit, please follow up with an email.


Our Summer Internships work in a variety of program areas including:


Sustainable Agriculture: Necessitates physical farm work, regardless of weather, in person as part of an intern cohort. 6 -12 hours a week (*2-day minimum requirement) Monday-Thursday 9 am-1 pm. Up to 3 additional hours can be scheduled upon request. Position Description

Summer Camp Education: Necessitates working in person with elementary-aged children alongside experienced educators at our summer camps. This camp operates M-F from 9:00 am-3:00 pm out of various parks throughout Corvallis. 6-30 hours a week. (1 day/week or 1 full week minimum requirement). Position Description.

Early Learning: Necessitates working in person with preschool-aged children alongside experienced educators at our Caterpillar Camp. This camp operates M-F from 9:30 am-1:30 pm out of Avery Park. 6-20 hours a week. (2-day minimum requirement). Position Description.

Outreach and Events: Includes remote and in-person time with support from our Outreach Coordinator with Summer Concert Series events, social media campaign, and other outreach needs. 3 - 18 hours a week (including 1-hour weekly meeting). Position Description.


If you are interested in completing an internship with the Corvallis Environmental Center, the first step is to complete this application.


Questions? Contact


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