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CEC Equity Statement 

The Corvallis Environmental Center is committed to being an inclusive organization and fully supports those demanding reform and justice.  We stand with those who have been affected by violence, racism and other forms of discrimination. We value the lives of all People of Color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and other marginalized groups. We focus on equity in all aspects of our work.  As part of ongoing equity analyses of our organization, we consider decision making, partnerships, policies, communications, program curriculum, and training all through an equity lens. As a nonprofit with an educational mission, we are working to identify and remove barriers to accessing learning opportunities while ensuring that our programs are relevant and meet community needs. The CEC is committed to all three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.  We believe that sustainable communities cannot exist without deep systemic change focused on equity.

The Corvallis Environmental Center has a responsibility to support the creation of equitable communities through our work in environmental education and food systems. We acknowledge that social justice is inextricably linked to environmental and food justice. We seek to diminish the limitations imposed by systemic racism through access to educational opportunities, honor indigenous history by recognizing that we are using ancestral land of the Mary’s River Band of the Kalapuya, and amplify the voices from communities who have been excluded from environmental and food system movements. We embrace the change this journey creates within our organization and acknowledge that such change strengthens our ability to accomplish our goals and address community needs.

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