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2024 Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Nov. 14th at the Whiteside Theater

Wild & Scenic Film Festival!
Nov. 14th Live at the Whiteside Theater
Video on Demand from the comfort of your home!

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LIVE at The Whiteside Theater

When: Nov. 14th

Doors open at 6:30 pm, Program begins at 7pm

Ticket Prices:

$20 Adult

$10 Uni/College

$5 Youth (12th grade and younger)

$25 Video on Demand




Video on Demand

Streaming Nov. 14th - 20th from the comfort of your own home or host a "Watch Party"!


School Programs!


A special children's curated version of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival to teachers and students in our school district.  The films can be enjoyed in the classroom from November through January. 



2023 WSFF Film Line-Up

Rock Pool Waltz (8 minutes) - a boy and an octopus make a connection


Bringing home the Salmon (14 minutes) - Bring the Salmon Home captures the emotions, courage, and determination of Klamath River tribal communities as they host a 300+ mile run from ocean to headwaters to cultivate support for the biggest river restoration project in history


Breaking Trail (30 minutes) -  Emily Ford sets out with Diggins, a borrowed sled dog, to become the first woman and person of color to thru-hike the 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail in winter. As the journey through subzero temperatures tests her physical and mental endurance, Emily and her canine protector develop an unbreakable bond as they embrace the unexpected kindness of strangers and discover they’ve become figureheads in the movement to make the outdoors more accessible for everyone.


The Dukah (7 minutes) - In the remote taiga of northern Mongolia live the Dukha, one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. Tuvshuu is five years old. He and his sisters help with their family's herd at the summer camp where the winds are cool and there’s plenty of grass. Their way of life and knowledge of reindeer has been passed down for millennia, just as the shamanic myths surrounding their culture. With less than 40 Dukha families left in the world, Tuvshuu will have some big decisions ahead.


The Last Ski Maker (7 minutes) - The uncertain future of skiing in Scotland has inspired Jamie Kunka to make sustainable skis out of wood. Based in his cabin in the Scottish Highlands, Jamie is the last ski maker in Scotland. This is a film about a love of place and how we all have the ability to life a life true to our values. 

Inseparable Skye - Through their chosen sport, three Indigenous women deeply connect with their ancestral homelands, preserve cultural practices and language, and advocate for Indigenous rights. 


Together We Grow (38 minutes) - Together We Grow is a documentary telling the story of Common Unity, in Aotearoa New Zealand. Introducing a thriving hub helping to build resilience into its local community by growing, sewing, repairing, sharing – you name it, Common Unity is doing it! Too many communities are facing housing crises, food insecurity, social isolation, and more. How can we most effectively confront these challenges and help our communities thrive in an economic system that leaves many feeling trapped in poverty? Here is a model that could be replicated the world over!


Inseparable Skye (15 minutes)- Through their chosen sport, three Indigenous women deeply connect with their ancestral homelands, preserve cultural practices and language, and advocate for Indigenous rights. 


I am Salmon (3 Minutes) - Connecting humanity with salmon and the sea through the subtle art of poetry and Gyotaku (fish rubbing), Duncan Berry shares his experience as a longtime environmentalist and former captain of a salmon troller. In adopting the perspective of this transcendent fish, the beauty and power of the Oregon coast becomes the canvas through which the evolution of the salmon is illustrated.

Thank you to our 2024
Wild and Scenic Title Sponsor!

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