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Preschool Summer Programs:
Caterpillar Camp
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Caterpillar Camp Description:

Digging in the dirt, exploring the natural world, and making art with reusable materials - we have something for everyone! Caterpillar Camp will be all outdoors, with occasional trips inside Avery House to say hello to the indoor animals. We will meet near the Avery Park Dinosaur Bones Monday-Thursday, and nearby parks for Field Trip Fridays. Let's explore!


Note: Campers must be three years old and completely potty trained by the time camp starts. 

Camp schedule: Drop-off is between 9:15 - 9:30 am and camp activities run 9:30 am - 1:30 pm all week. No aftercare is offered for this camp.

Cost: $195/week


You will be asked to select which weeks your preschooler will be able to attend. We will use the following topics as a starting point for each week and see where the children’s ideas and imaginations take us: 





bridge crossing.HEIC

Session 1: June 24 - June 28 "Let’s Go Walking" ($195)

This first week we’ll read the book "I Went Walking" then set out to explore all there is to see at Avery Park. On Friday we’ll meet at Chepenefa Park - bikes and scooters welcome- don’t forget a helmet!

NP Tree climbers.jpg

Session 2 (Mini): July 1-3 "Little Adventure" (Cost $130)

We’ll explore the trails, meadows, and more at Avery Park during this three-day mini camp.

bridge crossing.HEIC

Session 3: July 8 -12 “Let’s Go an Adventure” ($195)

We’ll keep the adventures going for those returning campers and welcome our new campers. Some campers might have some favorite adventure spots they wish to revisit. The adventure continues at the Starker Arts Park on Friday- Campers can be dropped off at the playground next to the Peffer amphitheater.


Session 4: July 15 - 19 “We’re Going on a Nature Hunt” ($195)

There are so many things to look for around the park (insects, spiders, birds, slugs, plants…).  We wonder what our little campers will want to search for after reading the book "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt." On Friday, we will meet at the playground at MLK park and explore the trails. Bikes and Scooters are welcome- please bring a helmet!

august and tino tree.HEIC

Session 5: July 22-26  “Hug a Tree- What We Love About Nature” ($195)

There are so many things to love in the natural world. We'll start the week by reading "The Big Bear Hug" and then we’d like to find out what our campers' favorites are. What’s not to love about Willamette Park - we'll meet near the shelter on Friday for river wading, trail hiking, fort building and bike riding- don't forget a helmet!

NP Nature Walk (2).jpg

Session 6: July 29 - Aug 2  “Trailblazing” ($195)

There are several little trails we can take - some are shortcuts to our favorite playground, and some are longer and take us to the river. We’ll explore them all. We’ll do things a little differently this week for our Friday Field Trip. We’ll go downtown - starting at the Central Park playground, walking to the library, then end our day at the fountains for some water fun. Campers can be picked up at the Riverfront Memorial Park (fountain).


Session 7: August 5 - 9 “Searching High, Looking Low” ($195)

Children are invited to explore with new eyes using binoculars to look up high/far away or down low/close up using magnifying glasses to see the little things. We'll spend Friday at Willamette Park. Campers can be dropped off near the shelter. Bikes and scooters are welcome. Don't forget a helmet!

Douglas Squirrel.png

Session 8:  August 12 - 16  “Whose House Is That?”

What’s living below the ground, up in a tree, in the river…our explorations continue, as we discover habitats! On Friday we'll meet at the playground at Starker Arts Park and explore SAGE.


Session 9:  August 19 - 23 “Hide and Seek” ($195)

How many different kinds of leaves can you find? Insects? Birds? Flowers? So many things to search for. What types of things are hard to find? On Friday we'll explore Chepenafa park- bikes and scooters welcome- don't forget a helmet!

NP Kids (1).jpg

 Session 10: August 26 - 30 “Happy Trails”($195)

Oh, the last week of camp! We’ll explore our favorite places, adventures, and summer activities. On Friday we'll meet at the playground of MLK park and explore- bikes and scooters welcome, don't forget a helmet!

Key Camp Information


Camp schedule: Drop-off is between 9:15 - 9:30 am and camp activities run 9:30 am - 1:30 pm all week. No aftercare is offered for this camp.

Cost: $195/week


Program Requirements

Participants will be asked to keep their backpacks with them at all times. We suggest bringing the following items, all labeled with their name (please make sure your student can carry their backpacks):


  • 1-2 filled water bottles                                                                                   

  • Sturdy, closed-toe shoes- This applies during all activities, including water activities.  

    • Crocs, sandals, and flip-flops are not considered safe for camp as they fall off easily.

  • Water shoes can make wading much more pleasant for campers.     

  • Morning Snack                                                                                                                                                         

  • A packed lunch                                                                                     

  • Weather-appropriate clothes- Students must be prepared to be outside for all of the session.          

  • Sunscreen must be applied at or before drop-off and kept with your student during the day. You can give staff permission to reapply sunscreen as needed during the day.                                                               

  • A small towel, change of clothes, and bag for wet clothes- we may get wet and just in case!

Your child's safety is our #1 priority. To see our Safety Policy and Procedures, click here

Be sure to view our Registration and Financial Policies.

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