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Summer Program Scholarships

CEC’s Summer Camp Scholarship Funding Availability


We are excited to announce that the CEC is offering summer camp scholarships. Thank you to our generous donors.

Families whose income falls within the Benton County Low-to-Moderate-Income levels will qualify.  That list is below:

Scholarship Income Levels.png

Scholarship Instructions

If you qualify and are interested in the process of applying for a scholarship for your child or children, please send an email to the address below by March 31st. Beginning March 6th, we will send out the scholarship application form which will need to be completed by March 31st for scholarship consideration. First come first serve until funding is distributed.


We have allotted spots for each camp in our registration system just for scholarship awards.  Since there are no guarantees for receiving a scholarship, you are welcome to sign up for camp(s) in advance before the awarded scholarships are announced in early April.  If you end up being awarded, we will refund the camp(s) that equals the amount you are awarded.



Subject Line:  Camp Scholarship Program

Deadline to respond:  March 31st 

Award date: early April

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