Happy Kids

Eco Birthday Parties

(Ages 2-15)

Celebrate your birthday with us at Avery House Nature Center!  Our Nature Educators host two hour Eco Birthday Party programs full of outdoor adventure, discovery, and fun.  Choose from one of our party themes, or suggest your own ideas! All parties include an art activity, fun nature-themed games, visiting with live animal residents, and guided outdoor exploration in Avery Park.  Eco Birthdays are celebrated in all weather, from September to May. Ages 2- 15.

To reserve your preferred date and time, fill out our online party request form online form.  We will be in touch to discuss and finalize the details for party day!



Slither and Slime

Slither and slime we’re having a great time!  Discover frog metamorphosis, discover amphibian habitat in Avery Park, and handle live animal resident frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes.  This is a birthday celebration for lovers of all reptiles and amphibians- or one favorite in particular, if you prefer. Guests get to make their own slime party favors!  


Creepy Creatures that Crawl

Crawl, creep, worm and squirm through this birthday party!  Do you like to dig in the dirt for worms and beetles?  Have you ever tried counting all the legs on a centipede?  Handle Creepy Creatures like walking stick insects, millipedes, mealworms, beetles, and tarantulas!  Then we will explore the life cycle and adaptations of arthropods: peeking under tree stumps, hopping after grasshoppers in a meadow, or netting in wetlands.  


Butterflies are Beautiful

Shake off your chrysalis and test out your butterfly wings as we fly into your birthday party!  We will paint beautiful watercolor butterfly art, play running (and fluttering!) relay race games, and learn to pollinate flowers. Use your proboscis to sense the world around you.  Party-goers will visit with other resident Avery House arthropods to learn about metamorphosis: walking stick insects, beetles, mealworms, millipedes.  


Going Batty

Flap your wings and turn on your echolocation because we are Going Batty at this birthday party! 

Observe a real bat skeleton, explore your other senses in an echolocation game and  paint your own bat mask to wear and take home. Will you be a Little Brown Myotis or a giant Flying Fox?  Party-goers will compare their wingspan to that of various bat species. Learn bat anatomy and adaptations and then scout potential bat habitats in Avery Park. 


Awesome Owls

Who who who is ready for an awesome owl themed birthday party?  Let’s investigate a mounted Barn Owl and feather collection, learn about the owl food chain, and handle live gerbils (a favorite snack for owls)!  Search for local owl species in Avery Park with binoculars. Grow some feathers and a beak as you will create a felt owl mask to wear and bring home!


Two hour party includes:

  • One hour structured program: Led by our Nature Educators with parent supervision of children.

  • One hour family party: The host family is invited to celebrate with guests.  Staff are available during this time to help facilitate and oversee the party, and will take care of after-party cleaning.

  • Kitchenware Options: Avery House kitchen has dishes, plates, glasses, and silverware available for a no-waste party.  Or you can bring your own and recycle them! Refrigerator/ freezer space available for your use.  



Parties – $150 for 10 children ($10 for each additional child)

  • $25 deposit due at time of registration- You will be prompted to pay by credit card or PayPal when submitting the party request

  • Full payment due day of party or once the final guest count is known.

    • Payment methods

      • Cash or Check: 

        • Payment can be dropped off at Avery House at the time of the party or mailed to our downtown office: 

          • Corvallis Environmental Center, 116 SW 4th St., Corvallis, OR 97333 

        • Returned checks will incur a $35 fee.

      • Credit Card 

        • Credit card payments can also be made over the phone by calling 541-753-9211 during normal business hours (M-F 8am-4pm)

    • Deposit refundable if cancellation occurs at least 7 days prior to party