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K-5 Safety Policies and Procedures

Corvallis Environmental Center is so excited to be able to provide in person programming! Safety is our utmost priority. There are a number of guidelines put into place so we can keep your family and our staff healthy. Please read them carefully, and be aware that these may change as the situation and recommendations from the county or state develops.

Structure and Safety for In-Person, K-5 Programs

In accordance to county and state COVID guidelines, all staff and children ages 5+ are required to wear a face covering.​ Children must bring their own snacks, lunches (when needed), water bottles, sunscreen, and any other items they may need during the day labeled with their names.  Children must be able to apply their own sunscreen. ​

Drop off and Pickup:

  • Students can be dropped off 15 minutes prior to the program start time.

  • At drop off, you will be asked to attest that your child is healthy and asymptomatic. 

    • If your child appears or is feeling sick, regardless of the type of symptoms, they will be sent home.

    • You will be asked to keep your child at home if they have been exposed to someone with symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.​

  • Adults must accompany the participant to our staff for sign in and drop off each day. 

    • Adults will be asked to provide photo ID at pickup. Only those authorized to pick up your child (provided by you at time of registration or provided to our staff at drop-off) will be allowed to do so.

    • Adults are asked to wear a mask at drop-off and pickup.

  • Participants will be provided the designated drop-off areas.

    • For some programs, this may change throughout the session as different locations are suitable for different lessons.

    • All locations and other necessary information will be communicated to adults via email during the week prior to class.



  • In accordance with county and state guidelines (which can change at any time),

    • each in-person program during the school year, will have 1-2 stable cohorts of up to 20 students (depending on the program)

    • each summer camp will have 1-3 stable cohorts of up to 20 students

    • If there is more than one cohort, they will not interact with each other and will maintain ample distance.

  • In cases where cohorts must share facilities, such as bathrooms, use of those facilities will be scheduled so that proper sanitizing can occur between.

  • Staff will remain with their assigned cohort for the entirety of the session. There may be a “floater” position, who will follow sanitizing protocols between visiting groups.

  • Summer camp group assignments:

    • We try to assign groups based on aftercare needs, age, biking ability/experience, and if possible accommodations from registration requests. Due to staffing schedules, the aftercare group may be mixed ages.

    • Camp groups will not interact with one another throughout the week, and campers cannot change groups.


Activities will accommodate health and safety requirements. For example:

  • We will be holding all activities in the parks and natural areas in and around Corvallis with no out-of-town field trips this year for summer camps.

  • For most of our school-age programs, students will remain outdoors for the entirety of the day. Exceptions can be made for certain situations, such as a medical issue or extreme weather conditions (below freezing weather, thunderstorms, excessive heat, poor air quality index, etc...) 

  • Activities will be modified to reduce the amount of physical contact between students.

  • Cohorts will have their own equipment and materials whenever possible. When not possible, sanitizing equipment between groups will occur.

​In the case that a child or staff member becomes symptomatic, we will follow our Communicable Disease Management Plan, which will include notifying local health authorities and following their guidance. This guidance may include at-home isolation for any children or adults in contact with the symptomatic person for a 10-day period.​

Additional Information​

For any questions, please contact


Behavior Policy for School-Age Programs

​In order to provide the safest and highest quality programming, participants, their family members, and our staff are expected to act in a way that is respectful to nature, all adults, and all children.

Violations of this include but are not limited to:

  • Actions that intentionally cause physical or emotional harm to another person

  • Destruction of property (private or public)

  • Inability to follow directions given by CEC program staff or program rules

  • In the event of a violation by a program participant, program staff will follow the 3-strike procedure:

    • 1st strike: Verbal warning

    • 2nd strike: Removal from current activity (“Time out”)

    • 3rd strike: Removal from current activity and discussion with parent/guardian

  • Intentional physical harm of another person will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Adults or Emergency contacts will be notified for pick-up.

  • Violations may be documented by staff in CEC Incident Reports, which must be signed by the participant’s parent/guardian.

  • Depending on frequency and/or severity of the violation, participants may be asked to completely withdraw from CEC programs. This is at the discretion of the program senior staff (Program Director and/or Executive Director).

    • Any family who is withdrawn from an educational program due to misconduct on behalf of the enrolled child or that child’s family member will receive a refund only for the remaining full days of that program.

In-Person Program Requirements 

Participants will be asked to keep their backpacks with them at all times. We suggest bringing the following items, all labeled with their name (please make sure your student can carry their backpacks):

  • 1-2 extra masks. They tend to get wet or dirty and it is nice to have extra to change into.

  • 1-2 filled water bottles

  • Sturdy, closed-toe shoes- This applies during all activities, including water activities.

    • Crocks, sandals, and flip flops are not considered safe for camp as they fall off easily.

  • A packed lunch (if program is longer than 3 hours)

  • Morning snacks

  • Afternoon snacks. We will be active all day!

  • Weather-appropriate clothes- Students must be prepared to be outside for all of the day.

  • Sunscreen, which must be applied at or prior to drop-off and kept with your student during the day.

    • Students will be reminded to apply their own sunscreen throughout the day. Please provide sunscreen that they can apply themselves.

  • A small towel, change of clothes, and bag for wet clothes- we may get wet and just in case! 


Detailed information about your program will be emailed to you prior to the program start date.

Behavior Policy for School-Age Programs
Program Requirements for In-person, School-Age Programs
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