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2022 Nature School


For more information, please contact our Nature Program Coordinator at

Nature School compliments online school programs, parent led homeschooling, and child directed learning for grades 1st – 5th.


Although we are not a formal school, enrollment follows the Corvallis public school calendar.


Nature School benefits students through:

  • small class sizes and mixed age groups

  • experienced educators and a place-based learning environment

  • nature based content across the curriculum (math, reading, writing, geography, art)

  • child-centered learning practices designed to meet state level and national sustainability standards.

STEAM Education:


Science: Classification, survival needs of local wildlife species

Technology: GPS devices, Water quality testing, Soil ph, oxygen and compaction testing Mapping and connecting open space.

Engineering: Creating habitat, Building habitat features like nest boxes and water pools, and habitats for clean water solutions

Art: Create wildlife habitat signs and build habitats for wildlife including nest boxes and clay rock water pools

Math: Surveys of local species, population graphs, classification percentages,Plot samples, and plant spacing

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