Light Bulbs

We are dedicated to helping Corvallis become one of the most energy-efficient, climate-friendly communities in the United States. We are working toward this goal by providing energy efficient light bulbs and water saving fixtures to local residents in partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon.


FAQs About the Corvallis Environmental Center’s Direct Install program:


What exactly does this program do?

Direct Install is a program that provides free LED light bulbs, low-flow faucet aerators, and low-flow shower heads to residents in Corvallis and is funded through Energy Trust of Oregon with a fee paid by local utilities.

How do I qualify for this program?

The home must have electricity provided by Pacific Power and your water must be heated through NW Natural or Pacific Power. We cannot install in homes under Consumer’s Power territory. The resident must be the homeowner or have permission from the landlord of the unattached house where the install is taking place.

How much will this cost me?

Nothing! Energy Trust takes a small percentage from the utilities that consumers pay to Pacific Power and NW Natural and then works with allies (that’s us!) to provide this service to the public at no cost. We supply the energy/water/money saving products to residents in Corvallis and are reimbursed by Energy Trust for each product we install.

What products are provided through this program?

Great question! Through our Direct Install program we can provide and install up to 16 LED bulbs to replace any incandescent bulbs currently installed. We can also replace up to two higher flow shower heads/wands, two bathroom faucet aerators, and one kitchen sink aerator in your home.

What are the benefits of signing up for an install?

Well, by just replacing the shower heads in the home, the resident can save up to $70 and 2,700 gallons per year. That’s a savings equivalent to 88 loads of laundry in water usage! Also, by replacing the incandescent bulbs in the home with LED bulbs, that’s a cost savings of over $540!  The LED bulb also saves 2,700 kilowatt hours compared to the incandescent bulb and will last the length of time from when a baby is born until they graduate high school — 18 years! 

Am I allowed to install the products myself?

We have hired someone to specifically do that for you! We are not able to leave products for you to install yourself, but through our competent and capable installer, we’ll have your house in energy efficient mode in no time.

I rent, do I still qualify?

If you rent an unattached house you are eligible for our program as long as you get permission from your landlord. However, if you rent a duplex, townhouse, condo, or apartment, these types of homes are not eligible under our program.

Do I have to live in Corvallis to be eligible for this program?

Great question! As long as you fall under the requirements listed above, we can install these items in your home whether you live in Corvallis, Albany, Philomath, Tangent, or elsewhere nearby.

Where do I sign up?

We’re so glad you asked! Follow the link below to fill out the form and pick a date for your install. And help us spread the word about this program that’s helping make Corvallis a healthier, more sustainable community!


Have more questions that we didn’t address here or want so sign up? Email us at