2021 Bike Camp FAQ

Q: Does my child need to be an experienced cyclist to attend CEC bike camps?


A: Campers with all levels of bike experience are welcome!  Bike camps have up to three groups, with campers arranged by age and ability/ comfort level.  Please note: the ability groups listed below are to give a general idea. Actual group arrangements for each camp week will depend on registration and availability.

  • All bike campers: Listen to and follow safety instructions, demonstrate patience and positivity while riding in a group, and have fun!

  • Bike learners (Wild Winged Bikers camp only, June 28- July 2): Independent two-wheel bikers who are ready to grow in confidence!   Training wheels and balance bike riders are also welcome.  Gentle instruction in a supportive, competition-free environment.

  • Beginning bikers: Practice steadiness while stopping/starting, or getting on/off their bike.  This group rides mostly on paved bike paths for shorter distances, with plenty of breaks for rest and games.

  • Intermediate bikers: Bike lane and unpaved off-road riding, with options for single track trail and longer distances.  Learn how to shift gears while pedaling and navigate hills/switchbacks!

  • Advanced bikers:  Comfortable bike handling, and ready for longer distances (up to 8 miles), elevation and surface changes.  This group will take day-long trail adventures.


Q: What should my child bring each day to bike camp?


A: Every camper should come with a labelled backpack with the following labeled items:

  • Bike and Helmet

  • One or two full water bottles labeled with the child’s name. Check and double check for leaks. If possible, a water bottle holder/cage on bike

  • Morning and afternoon snacks

  • Lunch

  • Replacement bike tube (our instructors carry tole!)

  • Sunscreen and a Hat

  • Extra socks

  • A lightweight layer, and an extra set of clothing, just in case the wind gets chilly or wet

  • Close toed shoes. No crocs, slides, or leather boots. Prefer keens, tennis shoes, or water shoes

    • We get in and out off water throughout the day. From bikes to trails and rocky streams to mud - we explore it all. Make our day and your child's day more enjoyable with the proper footwear. It is challenging to carry and change shoes often throughout the day.  

If your child is an independent biker, they should also be comfortable biking while wearing their backpack as we are on the move!


Q: What kind of bike can my child bring to summer camp?


A: Preferred Bike:

  • Two wheel bikes only 

  • Hand brakes for all ages and abilities

  • All terrain bike tires

  • Gears

  • Water bottle holder

   Also Allowed: 

  • Coaster breaks (foot or back pedal breaks)

  • Cruisers

  • Single or fixed gear 

  • Strider/ balance bikes 

   NOT Safe for Camp: 

  • Training wheel bike

  • Stunt or BMX bike

  • Bike without brakes

  • Bike with more than 2 wheels


Q: What kind of helmet should my child wear at summer camp?


A: Helmet: 

  • Must cover your forehead

  • Should not fall off or backwards

  • Needs to have adjustable fit

  • Needs to have connected and intact casing

  • Needs secure chin strap connectors


*Skateboard helmets are allowed, but do not provide the same impact protection and brain injury prevention as a properly fitted bike helmet.

Q: My child still rides with training wheels.  Can they attend camp?


A: New and learning cyclists are encouraged to attend Wild Winged Bikers Camp (June 28th- July 2nd)!  This week will have one dedicated group for campers ready to transition away from training wheel use, or who would benefit from an encouraging, competition-free environment.  We can provide borrowing (pedal free) balance bikes for use during this week.  By the end of this camp, we hope your cyclist will feel confident on two wheels and ready to roll into any of our other bike programs.  Please indicate on the registration form if this group sounds like a good fit for your child.


Training wheels are unfortunately NOT safe for all other camp weeks. 


Q: Can I leave my child’s bike behind at CEC while they are attending camp?


A: No. CEC is unable to store bikes safely at this time. Please plan to transport your child’s bike to and from camp locations each day.


Q: What will my child learn about bike safety? What kind of safety precautions are taken?


A: Children will learn about roadways right of way traffic rules, the importance of visibility, basic bicycle care, communication while cycling in a group, and use of safety equipment such as properly adjusting and wearing a helmet.

Multiple camp leaders are positioned along the group of campers, always keeping one at the head and one at the end of the line. We stop often for water breaks and at every turn/ intersection/ trail fork to ensure the group stays safely together.

Q: What kind of footwear should my child wear while biking?


A: Every camper should be wearing close-toed sneakers unless otherwise noted by the camp instructor. Campers may not wear crocs, flip-flops, or other unsecured, open-toed shoes while biking.

A letter will be emailed to all parents prior to each camp listing all items needed, itinerary, and other important information.

Other Questions? Call us at 541-753-9211 or email us at serene@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org