Become a detective of the vertebrate world.  Investigating and classifying wildlife with skulls, skeletons, fur, anatomy and optional dissections.

Advanced Campers (11-14yrs) will be bused to Oregon State University campus and visit vertebrate taxonomic collections for deeper learning opportunities. Lab TBD.

Local half day bus fee $5/trip

Monday: Animal Classification

Dissect a Salmon

Invertebrate vs Vertebrate

Anatomy and adaptations of live fish and frogs

Tuesday: Adaptations for Survival

Dissect a Bullfrog

Where animals live (Habitats)

Camouflage your animals and learn to hide in nature

Frogs vs snakes

Hold live reptiles

Set sand traps for mammal foot prints in park

Wednesday: Mammal Anatomy

Dissect owl pellets and see real rodents

Discover mammals of Avery Park

Understanding animal tracking

Birds vs Mammals

Thursday: Trails and Tracking

Field Trip to Peavy Arboretum

Understanding compasses

Wildlife navigation

Advanced animal science with Radio Telemetry

Forest floor log decay hunt for newts, mice, and snakes

Friday: Wild Animal Mystery

Create a wild animal mystery for other students to solve

Science inquire investigation

Symbiosis in Oregon


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