Natureplay or Nature School Scholarships

We strive to make it financially possible for every child to have the opportunity to attend our programs. We offer as many scholarships as fiscally possible. Scholarships are awarded at 25% or 50% and will depend on the income level and size of that family. Scholarship applications must be submitted by September 1st, 2017. Scholarship assistance is awarded on a first come first serve basis. We strive to give priority to families whose income falls below federal poverty guidelines, and then to families that meet federal poverty guidelines.

If your household is approved for a scholarship it will come with a volunteer commitment.
25% Scholarship = 2.5 Hrs/award OR 50% Scholarship = 5 Hrs/award

After a scholarship award is approved the recipient will get an email of eligibility. This email will describe the scholarship award and outline directions to sign up for predetermined volunteer opportunities. If you have special skills or experience that you are interested in sharing with our programs you may describe them in your scholarship application. Awards will not be applied until recipients have signed up for volunteer hours.