Camps and Thursday Summer Classes for Pre-schoolers

Caterpillar Camps! Ages 4-5

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Extended care: 8-9 am and 12-12:30 and flexible daily scheduling available

Wildlife Scientists: June 19th – 23rd: Register Here

Become a detective of the vertebrate world.  Investigating and classifying wildlife with skulls, skeletons, fur, anatomy and optional dissections.

Thursday Field Trip: Off site drop off and pick up at Peavy Arboretum at PV Pond in Lodge parking lot

Monday: Animal Classification
Dissect a Salmon
Invertebrate vs Vertebrate
Anatomy and adaptations of live fish and frogs
Tuesday: Adaptations for Survival
Dissect a Bullfrog
Where animals live (Habitats)
Camouflage your animals and learn to hide in nature
Frogs vs snakes
Hold live reptiles
Set sand traps for mammal foot prints in park
Wednesday: Mammal Anatomy
Dissect owl pellets and see real rodents
Discover mammals of Avery Park
Understanding animal tracking
Birds vs Mammals
Thursday: Trails and Tracking
Field Trip: Off site drop off and pick up at Peavy Arboretum
Understanding compasses
Wildlife navigation
Advanced animal science with Radio Telemetry
Forest floor log decay hunt for newts, mice, and snakes
Friday: Wild Animal Mystery
Create a wild animal mystery for other students to solve
Science inquire investigation
Symbiosis in Oregon

Birding and Building – July 5th – 7th: Register Here  

Soar with the ospreys, hoot with the owls, and rap with the woodpeckers as we ascend into the world of birds. Build bird houses, create a habitat for hummingbirds, learn bird calls and get a close up look at local species!

Thursday Field Trip: Finley National Wildlife Refuge (drop off and pick up at AHNC – bus transportation fee: $20

Wednesday – Feathers, Feet, and Food
Learn how specialized beak shapes and other features help birds survive
Build a bird – create your own unique bird with special adaptations for its environment
Why Migrate? North vs South
Bird House construction
Intro Binoculars and bird ID
Thursday – Bird ID, Nests, and Raptors
   Field trip: Finley NWR by bus
Practice observing bird behavior and traits
Identify local species, bird calls and nests
Build a nest
Predator-prey relationships
Song birds vs Raptors
Friday – Eggs, Chicks, and Protecting Local Birds/Night Navigators
Incredible eggs!-Growing baby birds
Amazing egg experiments
Inside the egg investigation
Make bird baths and bird feeders

Animal Artists: July 17th – 21st: Register Here

Explore the animal kingdom through a variety of artistic techniques and creative projects! Getting up close and hands on with mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish will inspire and inform our sketches, sculptures and mixed media art using traditional and natural materials.

Thursday Field Trip: Off site drop off and pick up at MLK Park

Monday: Plants and insects
Patterns, symmetry, and geometry!
Eye spy hike
Insect life cycle art
Leaf and flower rubbing
Tuesday: Fish and amphibians
Structure and camouflage!
Hold frogs and newts
Working with clay
Fish prints and frog art
Wednesday: Reptiles
Bright colors and details!
Reptile scale art
Hands on turtle and snake investigation
Hike to the river!
Thursday: Mammals
Field Trip: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park
Abstract and Texture!
Track art and habitat backgrounds
Structure of fur and hair
Inspirations in the forest!
Friday: Birds
Poetry and Paint!
Feathers and wing mixed media art
Chicken foot prints
Build a bird nest!


NaturePlay Preschool Classes! Ages 3-5

9am-12pm – Every Thursday in June, July and August

Slither & Slime June 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th: Register Here

Little explorers will get hands on with our frogs, salamanders, snakes and turtles. We will learn the differences between amphibians and reptiles. Our art projects focus on texture and pattern recognition.

Friends in Flight – July 6th, 13th, 17th & 27th: Register Here

Investigate flight with bees, butterflies, birds and bats! Why are things wings so different? We will explore the wonders of flight throughout the animal kingdom. Our art projects will allow our creativity to flit float and flutter!

Water Wonders – August 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th: Register Here 

Dive into all things aquatic from bugs to beavers! With nets in hand we will venture to the waters edge learning about water striders and whirligigs! Projects will be a watery wonder of colors and critters!

Each class includes hands-on outdoor play and experiential learning from local wildlife in every class. Children discover the excitement and fun in nature with songs, stories, play, movement games, and multi-sensory nature art creations.
Outdoor learning and play experiences have numerous benefits for children some of which include; confidence, gross motor development, empathy, peripheral vision, social interactions, brain function and overall health.



Must be potty trained and mostly potty independent. We can not take high need students or kids that consistently try to run away. Parents are welcome to stay at class if needed.


Caterpillar Camps – $ 125 for full week (9am-noon) or $25/class for daily flexible scheduling. $6 for Early Bird Care

NaturePlay Classes – $100 for full 4 week (9am-noon) monthly session or $25/class for daily flexible scheduling.


We strive to make our programs available to all. Please fill out this form BEFORE REGISTERING and your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your scholarship award.



You must fill out a Guardian Information and Medial Release once a year or if any information changes. You can do multiple children on each form and you only need one no matter how many programs you participate in.