Registration for 2019 Programs will Open March 1!

Opportunities for ages 2-14



June 17 – 21 Animal Morphs

Creatively investigate the anatomy and adaptations of vertebrate species. From getting to know and handling an array of live mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians to then artistically crafting our own “mystical beasts” through fun projects, we’ll explore the world of critters and learn how they camouflage, mimic, hunt, fly, and use their feathers, fur, scales or slime to survive in the wild.


June 17-21 Camp Pizza Pie: Session One

From dirt to delicious, explore some of our favorite treats from the ground up! Make savory pizzas in our cob oven at SAGE during Camp Pizza Pie Session One. Grow your own sourdough starter, make sauce from tomatoes, and visit the OSU Dairy for a yummy surprise! Let’s eat! Each day has garden time, games, and pizza-making activities. Attend Session Two later this summer for dessert pizzas.


June 24 – 28  Wild Wing Bikers

Buzz, flap and rise on the currents of an aerodynamic adventure! Glide down trails while we seek out bats, bees, butterflies and birds in high flying habitats. Explore the mechanics and physics involved in the diverse adaptations for flight. Our adventures include off-site biking at MLK park, Philomath, and Crystal Lake. Enjoy a family celebration on Friday for National Pollinator Week at SAGE!


June 24 – 28 Farm to Fork

Ever wonder how the food you eat gets from the farm to your fork? Spend a week visiting local farmers and cooking with professional chefs. Taste honey, harvest produce from SAGE, and make recipes in our cob oven. Experience your food all the way from the soil to your plate!


July 8 – 12  Birds of Prey

Do you dare to soar through the sky with raptors? Take flight on this adventure where you’ll  touch real bird’s talons, dissect fur and bones, hunt for prey, built a giant nest and size up our own wingspans!



July 8 – 12 Camp Pizza Pie: Session Two

Explore some of our favorite foods from the ground up!  We will spend the week at SAGE making dessert pizzas in our cob oven – you can craft your own honey butter, harvest edible flowers from our garden, and learn from a local beekeeper! Each day has garden time, games, and delicious cooking activities.



July 15 – 19 Wilderness Navigators

We’ll take on an all terrain bike adventure to geocache discover some of the wildest places in Corvallis and perhaps discover some hidden prizes along the way. Try out an orienteering bike challenge! Then make your own compass and create topographic maps.



July 22 – 26  Waterfall Geologists

Get ready to hit the trail hiking and discover the wonders of water’s movement, rock formations, plate tectonics, soil erosion and explore some spectacular waterfalls along the way. We’ll sift and shake through fun activities to understanding the geology that creates these incredible natural features. Play by the river, take a rafting trip down the Marys River, or camp out overnight too at Cascadia Park.



July 29 – August 2 River Rafters

Navigate the physics of a river through experiments with current, flow and momentum. We’ll dive into designing rafts, dams, and bridges to discover the incredible power of water. What better way to experience it ourselves than by taking a rafting trip too!



August 5 – 9  Eco-Engineers

Delve into your curious side and see how you can help solve problems and protect our planet. We’ll explore skills that scientists and engineers use to tackle real world issues with renewable energy, water resources and balancing the impact of human habits. Come learn with tools that can improve our environment today, have fun, and make a difference in the future.



August 12 – 16  Pond Cyclers

Get your feet wet and your hands dirty while exploring the diversity and many features of our local wetlands from their sandy banks, underwater life,  and their tangled plants. We’ll hunt for minnows, frogs, water striders and many more amazing creatures in the unique freshwater ecosystems in our own backyards. The whole family can join in the fun on Friday for a Nocturnal Wetland Life camping event.



August 19 – 23 Mountain Biking Explorers

Jump onto some all terrain trails with balance, control and skill while you learn to maneuver your bike up and down hills, over roots and rocks, and around every exciting corner. We’ll summit the best two-wheel destinations in Corvallis.



August 26 – 30 Adventure Camp

Embark upon a new adventure every day while we climb on ropes, hike to waterfalls, raft on the  river, and balance on a slackline through a full week of outdoor nature challenges. Try your hand a crafting with clay and tie dye too!