Avery House Nature Center strives to provide a broad-based environmental education program catered to serve all age groups. Curriculum and activities are centered around theme-based units that follow nature’s seasonal cycles. Programs of study include wildlife, plants, seasons, life cycles, and more!



Our Nature Education with Teachers (NEWT) program works with schools and teachers to offer field trips or classroom visits expanding on existing science and nature objectives and standards. In some cases, especially in BentonCounty, grant funding is already secured for schools to utilize this program. If you are not in BentonCounty, and do not have funding for these programs, we are willing to assist you in securing field trip grants.

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On-Site Nature Based Programs & Outreach Programs to your Classroom!

For inquiries and/or to schedule a program contact:

Email: ahnc[at]corvallisenvironmentalcenter[dot]org
Or Call: 541-758-6198