Below is a sneak peak of our silent auction items. Each piece will also be on display and available to bid on during Supper at SAGE. Click on each picture to see the full image.

If you’d like to be a part of this silent auction, but are unable to attend the event you can bid by proxy. Email for more info on proxy bidding.


Sunflower by Anne Schuster

Anne Schuster is relatively new to watercolor art. She is inspired by her garden and Benton County landscapes. She is a scientist turned elected official, serving on the school board and now as a Benton County Commissioner.

Garden with a  Heart of Gold by Jennifer Lommers

Jennifer Lommers has a passion for the outdoors and art. She enjoys running and hiking the trails of Corvallis, OR and painting, demonstrating, and teaching in her downtown studio space located inside Studio262 – a local gathering place for artists and art lovers alike. You can often find her there painting.

Seasons of the Tree by SAGE Youth

SAGE garden is not only a place that provides food for those who need it most, it’s a place where the importance of local food security and farming education are taught to the next generation. Youth at the garden this summer put together a special just for you.

The Farmer in all of Us by Samm Newton

Samm Newton is inspired by Nature and Science. She takes images found in nature and reproduces them the same way the mind might – stylized and imperfect. She uses bright colors usually on found materials with bold marker lines to create snippets of the surrounding world.

Sharing Harvest by Brittney West

Brittney West is actively involved with organizations and events devoted to human and animal welfare. She also passionately believes art is more than aesthetics, and more importantly, serves as a conceptual statement and action towards improving ourselves and the world in which we live.

Community Garden by Lyn Radosevich

Lynn Radosevich embodies continual joy and endless possibilities. She creates art out of bits of glass and will have more mosaic art for show and sale this fall at Philomath Open Studios during the month of January in 2016 at Imagine Coffee. Small pieces are also available at Sibling Revelry.

Beets by Claudia Weintraub

Claudia Weintraub was born and raised on a dairy farm in central Pennsylvania and moved to Corvallis, Oregon in 2008 to be near family. She has studied with Lassie Corbett in Reston and Jean K. Gill in Fairfax, Virginia; and with Mark Allison, Tom Allen, and Marjorie Kinch in Corvallis. She is an exhibiting member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Corvallis Art Guild; and paints in the summer with Vistas and Vineyards, a plein air painting group.

Walnuts by Sue Ann Belknap

Sue Ann Belknap enjoys creating with a variety of mediums. She is most inspired by the nature and the enthusiasm and experimentation of fellow artists. She is currently working in acrylic with work available at Studio 262 in Corvallis and she occasionally shows art at Imagine Coffee on Philomath Blvd. Much of her past work has connections with education or non-profits here in Benton County.