Marys RiverJuly 28th – Aug 1st  Run River Run – Travel local streams by bike. Spend time investigating, exploring, building, and playing with nature. To discover your local watershed. This camp encourages free choice learning. Field Trips: Dixon Creek, Danawi Creek, Oak Creek, Mary’s and Willamette River.

Monday – Avery Park bike safety and introduction.

  • Bike along the Mary’s River to where it enters the Willamette River. Begin the exploration of confluence of waterways.

Tuesday – Dunawi Creek at Sunset Park

  • A morning at Sunset Park where the half day participants will be picked up and the full day participants will bike to Avery Park. Participants will focus on the movement of water.

Wednesday – Dixon Creek

  • Drop offs and all pick-ups at Porter Park. We’ll be able to see where the Dixon enters the Willamette and explore a wilderness stream as it travels through our developed community.

Thursday – Oak Creek and Campus Way Trail

  • Meet at Bald Hill entrance off of Oak Creek Rd with all pick-ups at the Fairgrounds. We will fallow the flow of Oak Creek in the morning and travel along Campus Way Trail in the afternoon.

Friday – Mary’s River

  • Pick-up and Drop-off at Avery House where we will complete our stream exploration with a raft float through a portion of the Mary’s River.

All camps cover ages 5-12 unless age restrictions are stated. Campers are divided into age appropriate groups within camps. Note some camps meet at different locations on some days and all camps have field trips on Thursday. The field trips are great fun!


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