Get your feet wet and hands dirty exploring rivers from sandy banks to tangled plants. Invent ways to build rafts, dams, bridges and roads to help aquatic life.

Thursday Field Trip:

5-7 Yr Olds: Crystal Lake Sports Park

8+ Yr Old Option: Spirit River Journeys Willamette River Rafting from Crystal Lake Sports Park to Hyak Park

Monday: River Investigation

Explore river geology!

Create cork fish art

Run our salmon life cycle obstacle course

Play in the stream tables

Tuesday: Riffles, Current and Waterfalls

Play Plant Bingo

What does riparian mean?

Make tree cookie rafts and secchi disks

Wednesday: Dams

Natural vs manmade dams

Discover the power of hydroelectric power

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem!

Invertebrate netting in the river

Build a mini wood raft

Thursday: Pools, Islands and Wetlands

Field Trip:5-7yrs – Drop off & Pick up: Crystal Lake Sports Park  

8-14yrs – Rafting down the Willamette River with Free River Journeys. Raft charge $40

Parents drop off at Crystal Lake Boat Dock at 9:00 a.m. and pick up at Hyack Park at 4:00 p.m

Water quality testing

Track mammals through the mud

Make your own duct tape fish propeller

Friday: River Float and Walk

The Mary’s is a slow moving flow in the summer which allows us to use small rafts and stay in a close group as we float, row or walk parts of the river.

Create a sponge boat or beaver!

Slack-line over the river!

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Full Day 9:00-3:00–$40
Half Day 9:00-12:00–$25  
Full Week of Full Days–$200 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Full Week of Half Days–$125 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Extended Care is available from 7:45-5:15 for $6 an hour. We are flexible if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later.
We strive to make our programs available to all. Funding is available this year through the charitable contribution from Many Hands Trading’s Day of Sharing.
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