June 16th – 20th   We are off  to discover amazing life in the soil. Get a better view of amazing soil critters by racing snails, designing obstacles for ninja beetles, see what slugs can do with slime, create experiments with worms and more. Thursday Field Trip: MLK Park


Monday – Snails, slugs and soil; the making of mud. What is it and why do we need it?

  • Soil types, Mud sculptures, Slug hunting, Slime adaptations and more.

Tuesday – What about worms?!? Discovering decomposers.

  • Worm bins, How do worms decompose materials, Examine types of worms and more.

Wednesday – Digging deeper into decomposition.

  • Invertebrate investigations, Ninja beetle activity, Bug building craft, Decomposition in different habitats, Decomposers VS Scavengers and more.

Thursday – Field Trip Day! Destination:  MLK Park

  • Snails, slugs, centipedes and millipedes among the many decomposing logs throughout the park along kid friendly trails!
  • Students must be dropped off and picked up at the field trip location.

Friday – Humans as Decomposers? How can we reduce our waste or produce something useful from it?

  • Learn about the science of composting, make a worm bin, discuss the 3 R’s in great detail and more!

All camps cover ages 5-12 unless age restrictions are stated. Campers are divided into age appropriate groups within camps. Note some camps meet at different locations on some days and all camps have field trips on Thursday. The field trips are great fun!