Fangs, claws, jaws and teeth! Journey into Pacific Northwest Native American life with flint knapping, fire-building and spear-making to be a predator and survive!

Thursday Field Trip: Cascadia State Park 9-4pm.  Bus fee $20.
No Overnight Camping Option at this time.

Monday: Bears with fire, food storage, flint knapping rotations

  • Learn how to flint knap rocks
  • Collect food and learn how to store food away from bears
  • Discover how to survive around and with bears
  • Explore the size and kinds of bears in the valley
  • Build fire as a survival tool

Tuesday: Wild Cats with stalking and spear making

  • What is a wild cat and where they are found in the world
  • Can you stay hidden in the forest (Silent and camouflaging)
  • Find a spear stick – rap and decorate protection tool
  • Catching fish at the river – spearfishing verse net fishing

Wednesday: Coyotes packs and hunting arrows – Learn about dogs and how their senses can help us

  • Tracking with smells and wild game trails
  • Hunt down rodents with canines sense of smell
  • Use a  bow and arrow
  • Learn to make Traps

Thursday Field Trip:  Cascadia State Park 

  • Drop off and pick up at AHNC. Depart promptly at 9am.  All campers return by 4pm.  
  • Bus transportation fee: $20
  • Visit  Kalapuya trails, waterfall, and wildlife

Friday: Predator vs prey arrows, atl’atls, and shelters

  • Balance populations
  • Habitat space, food, shelter, and water needs for animals
  • Finish flint knapping
  • Where animals find shelter
  • Building shelters
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Full Day 9:00-3:00–$40
Half Day 9:00-12:00–$25  
Full Week of Full Days–$200 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Full Week of Half Days–$125 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Extended Care is available from 8-9am and 3-5pm for $6 an hour. We are flexible if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later.
SCHOLARSHIPS  – We strive to make our programs available to all.  Please click on scholarship and fill out an application.  We will contact you upon review.