Preschool Programs

May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Preschool Field Trip: Wetland Wonders

Wade into a wild wet world of beavers, birds, snails, aquatic nymphs and crayfish. Be ready for mud each week with boots and raincoats if needed. Small hike and play adventures in local wet and wild places. Wetlands are an important local ecosystem and fun to explore. We will use nets and traps to see nature up close on each adventure. Each class includes art, stories, and science experiments.

Bring the family!

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July 30 and August 6, 13, 20 Natureplay Preschool: Fantasy Flight – Pollinator Power

Understand the reason for a flower and the importance of pollinators. We will dance like bees, create like butterflies and eat like birds! We will also have fun with flowers as we taste nectar, eat flowers, find pollen and do so many things with seeds.

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August 1, 8, 15, 22 Natureplay Preschool: Fantasy Flight – Power of Flight

Knowledge about our winged animals helps us understand and appreciate them. Join us as we compare the diversity of flight and flying species from small fast wings to bat wings and more!

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June 25 and July 9, 16, 23 Natureplay Preschool: Slime Time in Nature – Garden Slime (Every Tuesday)

Dig in the dirt to uncover how soil slime and decomposers help plants grow. Each class will dig in soil, plant food in the garden, collect garden snacks, find animal life, read stories, play games and create art with soil.

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June 27 and July 11, 18, 25 Natureplay Preschool: Slime Time in Nature – Slither and Slime (Every Thursday)

Hands-on with live amphibians and reptiles in Corvallis and the foods they eat. Many hunt the organisms that live in both garden and wild habitats. Connecting the soil organisms to other important animals in nature.

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Caterpillar Camps

Some of our camps are offered for campers age 4 with pickup at noon. These are called Caterpillar Camps.


June 17-21   Birds of Prey

Do you dare to soar through the sky with raptors? Take flight on this adventure where you’ll touch a real bird’s talons, dissect fur and bones, hunt for prey, build a giant nest and size up our own wingspans!

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center every day.

Monday: Amazing Diurnal Raptor Adaptations

Tuesday: Amazing Nocturnal Owls

Wednesday: Dare to Soar with Fanciful Flight

*Presentation from Master Falconer

Thursday: Raptors at Finley

*Field Trip to Finley Wildlife Refuge

Friday: Soar, Catch and Build

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July 8 – 12 Animal Morphs

Creatively investigate the anatomy and adaptations of vertebrate species. From getting to know and handling an array of live mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians to then artistically crafting our own “mystical beasts” through fun projects, we’ll explore the world of critters and learn how they camouflage, mimic, hunt, fly, and use their feathers, fur, scales or slime to survive in the wild.

Monday: Bones, fur, feathers, and cuddly animals

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

Tuesday: Movement, fins, tails, limbs, flight

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

Wednesday: Adaptations, mimicry, and camouflage

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

Thursday: Field Trip!

Drop-off at Timberhill Natural Area (end of 29th St.)

Pick-up at Chepenafa Springs Park

Friday: Create your Animorph!

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

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August 5 – 9  Eco-Engineers

Delve into your curious side and see how you can help solve problems and protect our planet. We’ll explore skills that scientists and engineers use to tackle real-world issues with renewable energy, water resources and balancing the impact of human habits. Come learn with tools that can improve our environment today, have fun, and make a difference in the future.

Monday: Engineers DO Great Things

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

Tuesday: Chemical Investigators

Drop-off and pick-up at OSU

Wednesday: Create What Has Never Been Done

Drop-off and pick-up at SAGE Garden

Thursday: Forest Habitat Restoration

Drop-off at Chip Ross Park, pick-up at Chepenafa Springs Park

Friday: Quest into the Subterranean Underworld of Soil Life

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

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