School’s Out Adventures: Ages 5-10

When the Corvallis schools are closed, send your child on a fun and educational adventure!

Space is limited and advanced registration is required.


January 2 – 4: Keys to Wild Winter Survival

We’ll get cooking with fun food science. Dry, can, cook, and hunt for your own local winter supplies and learn how animals manage and store their food too! We’ll explore how camouflage can keep you alive in the challenge for survival and also build winter wildlife shelters to avoid the cold rain and snow. $50/day or $125 for all 3 days

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  • Day 1: Today is dedicated to winter survival in the animal kingdom.  You’ll get hands on experience with the live animals of Avery House Nature Center, learning what adaptations and strategies would help them to survive winter season. Location: Drop off at Avery House Nature Center
  • Day 2: This day will focus on food science and modern day preservation techniques at the Human Services Resource Center commercial kitchen at OSU, Location: Champinefu Lodge on Oregon State Campus. (1030 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333)
  • Day 3: Learn about Willamette Valley First Nation’s traditional food storage techniques and local foraging. We’ll take a hike and delve into basic bush-crafting and also make a basket to take home! Location: Drop off at Avery House Nature Center

January 31 & February 1: Creatures and Climate Change

We’ll be highlighting some of the most climate change susceptible species. We’ll run our own experiments to understand the changes and effects of climate, while discovering what we can do to help the planet too.  $50/day or $95 for 2 days. 

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  • Day 1: Global Climate Change Investigation. Chemistry lab to investigate the human impact on climate change.Go on an exciting outdoor scavenger hunt to find longitude and latitude coordinate clues. Use the clues to locate the 25 animals most at risk around the world.
  • Day 2: Local Climate Change Investigation. Play games and create art projects focused on local wildlife at risk for climate change including Sockeye Salmon, American Pica, Monarch Butterfly, and Tufted Puffin. Students will create a climate change action plan to share with family and friends. Participate in a bird count to produce data for the Audubon “Great Backyard Bird Count” citizen science project.

March 13 – 15: Coastal Engineering by Bike

Discover the power of water and the energy in a wave on a fast paced bike adventure to the OSU wave lab. Visit local sites where beavers use engineering to create habitat. Participate in a sandcastle building activity at the beach, see if your structure can withstand the incoming tide! Build bridges and dams to learn how to engineer human habitat.

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March 25 – 27: Spring Salmon Study

Run with the salmon on a journey from mountain streams to giant ocean seas. Dissect a hatchery salmon to see egg masses and internal anatomy. Test local rivers for key salmon needs from water quality to stream sediment and debri. Visit Clemans park and the Alsea fish hatchery. Create a large-scale salmon art installation for Avery House.

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