School’s Out Adventures: Ages 5-10

When the Corvallis schools are closed, send your child on a fun and educational adventure!


October 31 – November 2 (9am-3pm): Twilight in the Forest

We’ll be exploring this mysterious, spooky season outdoors with our wild pack, learning about the forest’s tangled food web, carving pumpkins, hiking, scavenger hunting, moon art making and more! Before and after care are available from 8-9am and 3-4pm.

  • Wednesday, October 31: Carve pumpkins, hike through the cemetery, and follow a spooky forest scavenger hunt at Willamette Park.
  • Thursday, November 1: Create glowing eye and moon art with glow-in-the-dark paint! Learn about Coyote and Wolf pack hunting behaviors and food webs while hiking around Peavy Arboretum.
  • Friday, November 2: Wild Mask Making with Wildlife Plays presented at Avery House Nature Center at 3:00pm.

Advance registration is required! Reserve your child’s spot here.



January 2 – 4: Ready, Set Go! Keys to Wild Winter Survival

Ready to Build? Set to Camouflage? Go! get cooking with fun food science. Dry, can, cook, and hunt for local winter supplies. How do animals manage and store food? Explore how camouflage can keep you alive in the challenge for survival.  Build winter wildlife shelters to avoid the cold rain and snow.

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January 31 & February 1: Creatures and Climate Change

Highlighting 25 of the most climate change susceptible species including animals like polar bears, pika, penguins, whales, coral, and many other special species. Run experiments to understand climate changes. Discover what we can do to help the planet maintain temperatures key for species survival.

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March 13 – 15: Coastal Engineering by Bike

Discover the power of water and the energy in a wave on a fast paced bike adventure to the OSU wave lab. Visit local sites where beavers use engineering to create habitat. Participate in a sandcastle building activity at the beach, see if your structure can withstand the incoming tide! Build bridges and dams to learn how to engineer human habitat.

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March 25 – 27: Spring Salmon Study

Run with the salmon on a journey from mountain streams to giant ocean seas. Dissect a hatchery salmon to see egg masses and internal anatomy. Test local rivers for key salmon needs from water quality to stream sediment and debri. Visit Clemans park and the Alsea fish hatchery. Create a large-scale salmon art installation for Avery House.

Daily details coming soon! Reserve your child’s spot here.