July 7th – 11th  Travel across Oregon from ocean shores too sage desert investigating Oregon’s species diversity. We will learn about endangered species, invasive species, and explore different habitats in Oregon.  Thursday Field Trip: Oak Forest Hike.

Monday – What is an ecosystem? Pondering ponds and aquatic ecosystems.

  • Aquatic invertebrates, Food webs, Ecosystem blob tag, Ecologist observations of the key players in an ecosystem such as decomposers, producers, predators, prey, and more.

Tuesday – What makes ecosystems different? What is unique to our Oregon ecosystem?

  • Explore our niche and examine its biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors and more.

Wednesday – How have humans interacted with and manipulated Oregon ecosystems?

  • Native VS Non-native, what is restoration?, soil and flying insects, play Ivy and more.

Thursday – Field Trip Day! Destination: Chip Ross to Chepenefa

  • Oak Savannah surrounded by an encroaching coniferous forest. Students must be dropped off and picked up at the field trip location.

Friday – How does weather affect/alter ecosystems?

  • Dry desert ecosystem understanding, rock formations, life with limited water and more!

All camps cover ages 5-12 unless age restrictions are stated. Campers are divided into age appropriate groups within camps. Note some camps meet at different locations on some days and all camps have field trips on Thursday. The field trips are great fun!