Nymphs in Nature

Class meets Friday 10:00-11:00 am

Introduction to NaturePlay preschool with hands on activities that engage your child in place-based learning in nature!

All classes include: Songs, stories, art, hands on activities and outdoor investigation. Bring coats and boots as the parks can be wet! Adult participation is optional, but suggested for students under three. Infant siblings are welcome to be with parent during class!

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Discover water everywhere from the water cycle to basic water organisms. Art with water and watercolors!

Feb 3rdWater Cycle: Travel with water downhills and into puddles. Go around and around as water droplet creating a bracelet of your journey.

Feb 10th – River Flowing: Build a stream and watch it flow. Learn to build your own river, as you learn how dams, levees, banks, and floods affect the river’s flow.

Feb 17thPlankton Catch: Travel to the Avery Park Wetlands to scoop up some tiny zooplankton. Explore the difference between phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Feb 24th – Fish Fins: Six little fish swim with six different kinds of fins. We will watch live fish, go ‘fishing’ for the salmon life cycle and create wild fish art.

Baby Mammals

Discover cute and fuzzy local mammals. Art with fabric and lacing! 

Mar 3rd  – Baby Otters and Seals: Travel into the water to learn about the different types of otters and seals. Learn about what they eat and why they hold hands while they sleep.

Mar 10 – Bears: What do baby bears eat, and where do they live? Learn more about these cute mammals as they forage for food, gain knowledge of their environment, and why some are brown and others are white.

Mar 17th – Dogs and Cats: These cute and cuddle animals are not just our best friends. Learn more about their lives in and out of our homes.

Mar 24th – Marsupial Pouches: What are marsupials and why do they have a pouch? Meet our resident sugar glider and local possum and learn about these amazing animals and life inside the pouch.


Birds and Worms

Look and listen for birds in the trees and birds busy building nest in the spring. Art with nature!

Apr 7th – Rodents and Owls: Investigate an owl pellet with real bones. Hold a live mouse and touch a barn owl. Fun introduction into food chains and local owls.

Apr 21st Bird Nest Building: Build your own nest and learn more about the lives of baby birds.

Apr 28th – Bird Eggs: Do you know the difference between a Blue Jay egg and a Blue Bird egg? Learn to spot the different eggs and make your own. Eggcellent experiments discovering the amazing egg shell and a naked egg.

May 5th – Birds Eat Worms: Ever wonder how a bird catches a worm? Find out how in our final bird class for the Birds and Worms session.

Minimum of 6 students required; max 12 students. (Please register early)
$32 per 4 week session
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Program Registration:

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