Natureplay Preschool Scheduling Information (Ages 3-5) Monday – Friday

  •  Preschool class                                          9:00-12:00                 $25 a day
  •  Early Birds                                                  8:00 –9:00am             $5 a day
  • Squirrel Munch Lunch                               12:00-1:00pm             $7 a day
  •  TBD- Investigators (Tues/Wed/Thur)*       1:00-3:00pm              $15 a day

Flexible scheduling lets parents create a schedule that works best for each family

*this afternoon class is still in the planning stages.  Please contact us if you are interested.

 Scheduling: Please choose the days of the week you prefer when you register

  • Options for days are open until class is full to 20 student maximum
  • Days need to be the same each week
  • Any schedule changes require 1 month notice

Early Birds  8:00 – 9:00

Arrive to a smaller group for play, games, and student lead science. Teachers offer extra activities and a breakfast snack if students are hungry. Once a week we cook a baked good for class.

Squirrel Munch Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 

Healthy group lunch with extra play or longer project time. More free choice learning with the science table, sand box and hands on with feeding the animals lunch too.

Lunch Menu examples:

  • Pasta with sauce, cheese, and peas
  • Quesadilla or Taco with beans, cheese, and salsa
  • Rice and eggs with mixed veggies
  • Sandwiches with salad greens, seeds, and fruit
  • Breakfast for lunch with waffles or pancakes, eggs, and fruit

*TBD – Investigators 1:00 – 3:00 –  Ages 4-6: Tu, W & Th  – $15/day            

This afternoon program (providing a full day for this age group) is currently under review and is TBD if it will be feasible to offer fall 2017.  Please call or email AHNC staff if you are interested to get on our waiting list.

  • Extended day for older students ages 4-5.  (age 3-4  excepted with approval from Instructors).
  • If we can secure transportation or an off-site learning environment. Finalizing program location arrangement is TBD.  Children will explore nature in more depth as we expand the daily theme by integrating experiments, chemistry, gardening, botany, biology, and writing.

Natureplay Science  Ages 4 – 6  Tues and Thur  12:30-3:30

This is a more advanced option for students that missed the kindergarten cut off day

  • Students homeschooling for Kindergarten (Combine with Avery Nature School Program) More Information Here!
  • Students that have attended a year of preschool already
  • Students attending another preschool in the morning

Children will explore nature and science through seasonal themes with integrated experiments and activities in chemistry, gardening, botany, and biology. Students will  journal and work on letters, numbers, introduction to writing. Stories, songs, games and art will be a part of each class and we will spend time outside every day.

Program is more structured and group activity based then the morning class.