Nature Connection & Eco-Stewardship: a commitment to cultivate awareness, wonder and respect for the natural world with the intent to deepen understanding of cycles, eco-systems, environments and organisms, and to reinforce the interconnectedness that we have with them
Experiential & Hands-on Exploration: a commitment to investigate, explore, build, and play through an open-ended process of learning by doing that engages multiple senses, expands critical thinking and encourages reflection and meaning-making
Project-based & Narrative-based: a commitment to explore academic, social and economic themes and concepts through tangible projects with the intent to utilize story to deepen understanding and connection to complex ideas and situations
Child-informed & Inspired: a commitment to being attentive to individual and collective interests and passions with the intent to recognize the reciprocal and symbiotic relationship between teacher and learner and to assess emergent curriculum as appropriate
Inquiry & Dynamic Discovery: a commitment to encourage reliance on curiosity, creativity, intuition and imagination with the intent to trust the process of discovery as much as the achievement of desired outcomes and to bring awareness to differing perspectives and possibilities
Arts & Creativity: a commitment to ensure that opportunities for artistic and creative expression, exploration and experimentation are interwoven into the curriculum as an integral component of knowledge and innovation
Whole Child Identity: a commitment to foster multiple ways of knowing by recognizing the intellectual, imaginative, physical, sensory, and emotional capacities of each child with the intent to cultivate confidence and nurture well-being
Collaborative Community: a commitment to proactively promote and model integrity, empathy, compassion and mindfulness with the intent to foster trusting and collaborative relationships; a commitment to engage parents and members of the community to contribute their time, expertise and wisdom

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