Aug 11th – 15th Expands on skills introduced in Native Survivor camp. Use nature to make baskets, arrows, bows, and nets, create jewelry from local rocks and more. Students will be guided in their area of interest to create usable tools. Thursday Field Trip: Peavy arboretum

Monday – Tribes of the Pacific Northwest.

  • The Who, Where and When of native tribes in our region. We will begin our very own native projects to work on throughout the week.

Tuesday – Resources and Tools.

  • Expand knowledge of Flint knapping, Basket weaving, Rope making, Wood carving and Leather crafting!

Wednesday – Getting what you need to Survive.

  • Learn the techniques of making fire, Hunting, Gathering, Wild edibles and Trade.

Thursday – Field Trip Day! Destination: Peavy Arboretum

Friday – People of the Valley: Yesterday and Today

  • How has time changed the way people live and the structure of communities? Living simply, sustainably and understanding resource management.