Get your hands dirty catching, netting and rolling into the world of bugs! Insect investigation of all different invertebrates: from worms and slugs to spiders and true bugs. 

This is a beginner to advanced nature bike camp and is open to bikers of all ability levels including pedal free bikes. Bikers will be grouped by age and ability.

Advanced Campers (11-14yrs) will enjoy riding longer distances, off road dirt paths and even begin a mounted insect specimen collection.

Monday: Bike to Riverfront (Beginners: Avery Park)

Before Care: Avery House

AM Drop Off: Avery House

Lunch: Avery House

PM Pick Up: Avery House

After Care: Avery House

Wonderful World of Arthropods

Live invertebrates around the park

Imagine a world without invertebrates

Arthropods vs Invertebrates

Slime Investigation

Ninja Bug Races

Tuesday: Bike to Philomath Marys River (Beginners: Sunset Park)

Before Care: Sunset Park

AM Drop Off: Sunset Park

Lunch: Sunset Park (Beginners)

OR Mary’s River Park, Philomath (Advanced) – Playground area at the end of S 11th St in Philomath

PM Pick Up: Sunset Park

After Care: Sunset Park


Incredible insect metamorphosis

Hunt for caterpillars, ants and dragonflies

Anatomy and diversity of insects

Catch live insects

Insect mouth game: food selection with sponging, sucking, biting, and chewing 

Design your own unique insect

Wednesday: Bike to Bald Hill (Beginners: Fairgrounds)

Before Care: Campus Way Trail–Parking Lot @ Campus Way and 35th

AM Drop Off: Campus Way Trail

Lunch: Campus Way (Beginners)

OR Benton County Fairgrounds-Oak Grove (Advanced)

PM Pick Up: Benton County Fairgrounds-Oak Grove

After Care: Benton County Fairgrounds-Oak Grove


Discover local spiders – Dangerous or safe 8 legs and 16 eyes

What other “bugs” are arachnids? Do scorpions live in Oregon?

Where do spiders hide?

Spider webbing games – hang out and climb through human size webs

Thursday: Bike along the Willamette

Before Care: Crystal Lake Sports Park

AM Drop Off: Crystal Lake Sports Park

Lunch: Willamette Park

PM Pick Up: Crystal Lake Sports Park

After Care: Crystal Lake Sports Park

Aquatic Invertebrates

Net for aquatic invertebrates

Discover water mites and damselflies

Food chains in the river  

Friday: Bike to Bug zoo TBD (Beginners: Avery Park)

Before Care: Avery House

AM Drop Off: Avery House

Lunch: Avery House

PM Pick Up: Avery House

After Care: Avery House

 Myriapods and Crustaceans

How many legs does millipedes and centipedes have?

Predators vs Decomposers

Discover their acid and venom adaptations

What is a roly poly, sow bug, pill bug, potato bug?

River decomposers and shredders-crayfish hunt

Crustacean classification challenge


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Full Day 9:00-3:00–$40
Half Day 9:00-12:00–$25  
Full Week of Full Days–$200 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Full Week of Half Days–$125 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Extended Care is available from 7:45-5:15 for $6 an hour. We are flexible if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later.
We strive to make our programs available to all. Funding is available this year through the charitable contribution from Many Hands Trading’s Day of Sharing.
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