Get your hands dirty catching, netting and rolling into the world of bugs! Insect investigation of all different invertebrates: from worms and slugs to spiders and true bugs. 

This is a beginner to advanced nature bike camp and is open to bikers of all ability levels including pedal free bikes. Bikers will be grouped by age and ability. Advanced Campers (11-14yrs) will enjoy riding longer distances, off road dirt paths and even begin a mounted insect specimen collection.

Monday: Advanced group bike to Riverfront and beginners bike in and around Avery Park

  • Before Care/Drop Off/Lunch/Pick up/After Care: Avery House – ALL DAY

Wonderful World of Arthropods

  • Live invertebrates around the park
  • Imagine a world without invertebrates
  • Arthropods vs Invertebrates
  • Slime Investigation
  • Ninja Bug Races

Tuesday: Advanced group bike to Philomath Marys River Park and Beginners bike in and around Sunset Park

  • Before Care/AM Drop Off: Sunset Park
  • Lunch: Beginners stay at Sunset Park and Advanced stay at Mary’s River Park – Playground area at the end of S 11th St in Philomath
  • PM Pick Up/After Care: Sunset Park


  • Incredible insect metamorphosis
  • Hunt for caterpillars, ants and dragonflies
  • Anatomy and diversity of insects
  • Catch live insects
  • Insect mouth game: food selection with sponging, sucking, biting, and chewing
  • Design your own unique insect

Wednesday: Advanced group bikes to Bald Hill and beginners to Benton County Fairgrounds

  • Before Care/AM Drop Off: Campus Way Trail–Parking Lot @ Campus Way and 35th
  • Lunch: ALL CAMPERS at Fairgrounds-Oak Grove
  • PM Pick Up/After Care: Benton County Fairgrounds-Oak Grove


  • Discover local spiders – Dangerous or safe 8 legs and 16 eyes
  • What other “bugs” are arachnids? Do scorpions live in Oregon?
  • Where do spiders hide?
  • Spider webbing games – hang out and climb through human size webs

Thursday: All groups bike along the Willamette

  • Before Care/AM Drop Off: Crystal Lake Sports Park
  • Lunch: Willamette Park
  • PM Pick Up/After Care: Crystal Lake Sports Park

Aquatic Invertebrates

  • Net for aquatic invertebrates
  • Discover water mites and damselflies
  • Food chains in the river  

Friday: Advanced bikers to OSU Campus Entomology Department and beginners stay at Avery Park

  • Before Care/AM Drop Off/Lunch/PM Pick Up/After Care: Avery House – ALL DAY

Myriapods and Crustaceans

  • How many legs does millipedes and centipedes have?
  • Predators vs Decomposers
  • Discover their acid and venom adaptations
  • What is a roly poly, sow bug, pill bug, potato bug?
  • River decomposers and shredders-crayfish hunt
  • Crustacean classification challenge


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Full Day 9:00-3:00–$40
Half Day 9:00-12:00–$25  
Full Week of Full Days–$200 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Full Week of Half Days–$125 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Extended Care is available from 8-9am and 3-5pm for $6 an hour. We are flexible if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later.
SCHOLARSHIPS  – We strive to make our programs available to all. Please click on scholarship and fill out an application.  We will contact you upon review.