Kids have Educational fun with active games, hands on activities, art, snacks and movie. Email registration is prefered

Ages 3-10  (cost $10)

Friday Nights From 6:00-9:00pm

Location: Oddfellows Hall – on 2nd street downtown corvallis

Feb 3rd: Life of Bees  – Bee Dance, Bee food and Bee Movie.

Discover the world of Bees. We will play games to learn about Bee life Cycles, Bee communication, Bee Anatomy, and Adaptations. We will snack on taste honey as we watch the Bee Movie.

 Feb 9th: Microscopic World  – See the world as an insect in MicroCosmos

 Investigating the Microscopic World with pictures, Magnifiers and high powered microscopes. We will dissect flowers and get up close with Insect anatomy. Matching large views to magnified parts in fun active games and discovering things around us that we never see.

 Feb 17th: Wild Cats – Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and African Cats Movie

Learn all about the amazing Cat predators. Children will become hunting cats to chase down food. Learn about special cat adaptations as we dress in cat costumes. Explore the differences and diversity of the amazing cat family. Art projects look at camouflage and adaptations. Roaring good time!

Feb 23rd: Underwater – drive into water with the  Magic School bus

 We will begin our adventure traveling through the water cycle and to houses as a water drop. Then journey through the river and through the salmon life cycle. End the night in the ocean exploring the deep sea from fish to whales and deep sea monsters.

 Parents check out the Eco–Film Fest At Oddfellows hall

 For Information call CEC office at 541-753-9211

Avery House Nature Center at 541-758-6198

Program Lead by Nature Center Instructor and Assistants