Have you received your Bright Idea Bulb yet?

Our new ‘Bright Idea’ campaign is working for Corvallis to pull ahead in the current rankings and win the $5 Million Georgetown University Energy Prize by facilitating the replacement of high-wattage incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs.

The LEDs were paid for by the City of Corvallis with re-purposed grant funds the City received in 2009 from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. The combined savings of these LEDs will reduce our community’s energy use by an estimated 2,730,000 kWh per year. That’s an annual savings of $250,000 – more than twice the amount of money that was invested. The bulbs will prevent the emission of 1,900 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of removing 400 cars from the road for one year.

Distribution began in late April at Corvallis High School and Crescent Valley High School. Each student received a free LED at their Earth Day assembly and was instructed to take it home, find an incandescent bulb to replace, and help their family enjoy instant savings. Now students from each high school are helping to distribute LEDs to middle and elementary schools.

We are working with many local organizations to make sure the energy-saving bulbs reach the homes of lower income communities as well; establishing partnerships with local food banks, low-income housing services, and other providers in the area to ensure equitable distribution.

It will take the whole community getting involved to win the $5 million prize. If you haven’t received a ‘Bright Idea’ bulb at your door yet, you can still help while you wait! From small behavioral changes like line drying clothes to big efficiency upgrades like heat pump water heaters, every action matters.13131093_946368315478458_3085397787357072465_o

For more ideas on saving energy and money at home, click here, or visit www.communitiestakecharge.org

Already recieved your Bright Idea Bulb?

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Take Charge Corvallis, our effort to win the $5 Million Georgetown University Energy Prize, is co-led with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition. The last official ranking from Georgetown University listed our city at number 10 out of 50 competing cities.

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