In 2018 we launched our first pilot of the Veggie Rx Program and the program was so successful that it’s back for another year!

The Corvallis Environmental Center partnered with the Community Health Centers (CHS’s) of Linn and Benton Counties to pilot a Social Determinants of Health Screening, with a Veggie Rx Produce Stand intervention. Patients who screened positive for food insecurity were referred to local food networks and connected with SNAP/WIC/School lunch programs where eligible. At one clinic site, we piloted an on-site Veggie Rx intervention, developing a model that can be replicated across the CHC sites, to provide patients with a referral to immediate access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

The on-site produce stand was accessible to all community members and featured recipes and sampling of the produce. Following referrals, a dedicated Health Navigator will follow up with our food insecure patients to see if they actually connected with service referrals and were able to meet their needs- closing the loop on the referral.

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