Classroom Food Adventures

Will kids happily eat their veggies? This is a question we often hear when we talk to adults about a program that teaches kids about healthy eating and good nutrition. Yet imagine kindergarten students cheering as they make a beet-berry smoothie, or 2nd graders asking excitedly for second and third helpings of the raw kale salad they prepared. In Corvallis, this is what happens in our Classroom Food Adventures program: kids are adventurous eaters every day!

What are Classroom Food Adventures?  Classroom Food Adventures are hands-on, experiential lessons that give students an experience cooking with fresh, local foods.  In Classroom Food Adventures, students learn more about the Harvest of the Month featured each month at Tasting Tables and in Corvallis’ school cafeterias.  Each 30-60 minute grade-level-appropriate lesson connects preparing and eating healthy foods with math, reading, writing or science. In Classroom Food Adventures, kids learn about Oregon crops, healthy eating habits, and teamwork by preparing recipes together in their classrooms.


Cost:  $30-$60 per program.  Contact us to find out if your school is eligible for our matching grant.

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