Tasting Tables

Tasting local, farm fresh food is an easy, fun way for children to try new foods and learn about local farms!

Each month, with the help of volunteers, we host Tasting Tables in 16 school cafeterias, reaching Corvallis, Kings Valley, and Philomath. Our Tasting Tables feature a seasonally appropriate food from a local farm. Information about the featured product is displayed at the school, and family newsletters with more information and a recipe are sent home.

Tasting Tables are made possible by support from the Corvallis School District and community volunteers. Tasting Tables are part of the Oregon Harvest for Schools program designed to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables and to support Oregon agriculture. Learn more at: Oregon Harvest for Schools


2019-2020 Harvest of the Month Calendar

September – Melon

October – Kiwi

November – Cabbage

December – Broccoli

January – Onions

February – Radishes 

March – Rutabaga

April – Honey

May – Asparagus