Planning Your Winter Garden

Get inspiration and practical information on how to extend your gardening season.  Learn what to plant when in order to have fresh garden produce throughout the fall and winter.

Composting 101
Come learn the art and science of backyard composting from a certified professional soil scientist who has taught composting throughout the Willamette Valley. This hands-on workshop will teach you everything you need to know to turn your food waste, yard debris, and garden waste into beautiful compost you can use in your home or community garden.  Bring your favorite garden pruning shears!

Beekeeping Basics
Buzzing to learn more about beekeeping? This workshop will cover the beekeeping basics: equipment, biology, environment, and an introduction to pests and diseases  – which is vital to understand the current issues about bee health. There will be hands on work with the SAGE hives, and all workshop attendees will gain support and information to get started with beekeeping, including information on local resources, groups, and programs.

Intermediate Beekeeping
In this workshop participants gain more in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills while working with the hives at SAGE.  Participants are asked to have a basic understanding of beekeeping before attending this workshop.

Willow Fence Building
Learn how to utilize native willow to construct a beautiful and elegant living fence.

Grain Threshing   
Oats and barley will be manually threshed (grains separated from the rest of the plant material) during our time together.  We’ll have great fun in this hands-on threshing workshop that will also address growing grains here in the Valley.  This is a very family-friendly and interactive workshop that will be sure to engage everyone.

Vermiculture for Beginners
Join us as we learn about those wriggly little soil-smiths! Vermiculture is a method of worm composting that can be done from small to large scale, and allows you to create amazing soil and amendments from household scraps.

Tool Maintenance
Keep your garden tools longer by taking good care of them! Learn how to keep your tools sharp and maintain your rototiller, hand tools and lawn mower. Workshop includes a tool sharpener to bring home.

Winter Gardening – Seed Starting
Learn the seed starting ABC’s for fall and winter veggies. Get your hands dirty in the garden and take home some winter veggie starts. We will be seeding in veggies into cell packs and participants will be taking the packs home to grow on.  We provide cell packs, soil, and seed, and labels.

Gardening on a Budget
Want to grow your own veggies, but worried about the impact it will have on your wallet? Join us as we learn about low-cost ways to start seeds, cheap garden resources, and build container gardens out of reused materials. Gain info on free or low-cost gardening resources in Corvallis!

Backyard Poultry: Best Practices
Get the whole picture for backyard flocks, from chick to egg.  We will be covering breed selection, housing, feed, medication, and using natural resources for chicken care!

Growing Great Tomatoes
Learn tricks to get great harvests.  Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner, but everyone is welcome.

Botanical Illustration
Join us for a painting workshop with SAGE’s garden bounty as the subject!  Basic plant anatomy will be covered to give a better understanding to inform illustrations. Workshop includes a discussion of botanical illustration and instruction and advice during the painting portion of the class. We will be using watercolor during the painting portion – colored pencils will also be available for participants interested in drawing. This class is open to both children and adult participants!

Backyard Seed Saving
Learn the basics of saving your own seed. Some of the topics that will be touched on are cross & self pollination, incorporating seed crops in your garden, basic flower botany, selecting for characteristics, and harvesting & cleaning your seed.

Edible Weeds & Flowers
Explore the edible landscape that grows without effort! During this workshop participants will learn about the wonder of edible weeds and flowers. Bring a sense of adventure and an open mind as you taste and learn to love some of our most common “weeds.”

Backyard Chicken Health
Dr. Vickstrom of West Hills Animal Clinic will be sharing information about how to keep your chickens healthy. Focus will be on preventative measures as well as learning about tell-tale disease signs. A great learning opportunity for novice and experienced poultry keepers alike!

Ecological Solutions for Human “Poo-lutions”
Molly will examine why conventional bathrooms are hazardous to both you and the environment and share a vision and prototypes of bathrooms that won’t kill you or your groundwater. This a great opportunity to see the toilets, sinks and urinals of the future. Molly is part of Recode Oregon, a non profit working to legalize sustainable sanitation practices. Molly co-wrote the Reach Code amendment legalizing site built composting toilets in Oregon in 2011 & is part of the team working on a national composting toilet code.

Cast Concrete Leaf Workshop
Create beautiful artwork for your yard through this hands on Cast Concrete Leaf Workshop! With landscape design expert Kapa Korobeinikov at the helm, participants will learn how to make cast concrete leaves and then take home their creations. These pieces of art can add personality to your landscape and can be used to provide water for some useful garden visitors like bees, birds and amphibians.