Family Programs and Events

Family Cookouts at SAGE

July 18 Garden Cookout Night: Pollinator Celebration Meal!

Celebrate our incredible garden friends: pollinators! Learn more about the incredible creatures that help to provide 75% of our food. Enjoy dinner, explore our pollinator garden, and create pollinator art!

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August 1 Garden Cookout Night: Edible Flowers!

Dine on one of the most beautiful meals you’ll ever eat! Explore SAGE while learning about edible flowers and their benefits. Make flower spring rolls and side salads.

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August 15 Garden Cookout Night: Garden Pizzas!

Create dinner and dessert pizzas in our cob oven at SAGE! Make your sauce and harvest your toppings. Learn about our bees while enjoying honey butter dessert pizzas!

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August 29 Garden Cookout Night: Lentil Lettuce Wraps!

Spend time as a family creating lentil lettuce wraps! Gather ingredients from the garden, taste test different lentil varieties, and learn more about this amazing little superfood!

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September 5 Back to School: Harvest of the Month Meal!

Join us as we celebrate the last days of summer with a fresh garden meal! Learn about the Corvallis Farm to School program and dine on a tasty Harvest of the Month dish

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Camps with a Family Day

Some of our camps are offered for campers age 4 (see *) with pickup at noon. These specific camps* have a half day option for ages 5-14 for the full week as well.

June 17-21 Camp Pizza Pie: Session One

From dirt to delicious, explore some of our favorite treats from the ground up! Make savory pizzas in our cob oven at SAGE during Camp Pizza Pie Session One. Grow your own sourdough starter, make sauce from tomatoes, and visit the OSU Dairy for a yummy surprise! Let’s eat! Each day has garden time, games, and pizza-making activities. Attend Session Two later this summer for dessert pizzas.

Drop-off and pick-up at SAGE Garden everyday.

Monday: Introduction and Dough

Tuesday: Cheese

Wednesday: Sauces

*Field Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Thursday: Toppings

Friday: Pizza Making and Family Garden Party

*Family Garden Party at 2:00 pm

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June 24 – 28 Farm to Fork

Ever wonder how the food you eat gets from the farm to your fork? Spend a week visiting local farmers and cooking with professional chefs. Taste honey, harvest produce from SAGE, and make recipes in our cob oven. Experience your food all the way from the soil to your plate!

Drop-off and pick-up at SAGE Garden everyday.

Monday: Fermentation and Pickling

Tuesday: Garden Art and Meet the Farmer

*Field Trip to Gathering Together Farm

Wednesday: Meet the Chef

*Field Trip to Corvallis Farmers Market and Castor

Thursday: Food Preservation

*Special Visit from the Master Food Preservers

Friday: Pollinators and Cob Oven

*SAGE Garden Family Pollination Celebration at 2:00 pm

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July 8 – 12 Camp Pizza Pie: Session Two

Explore some of our favorite foods from the ground up! We will spend the week at SAGE making dessert pizzas in our cob oven – you can craft your own honey butter, harvest edible flowers from our garden, and learn from a local beekeeper! Each day has garden time, games, and delicious cooking activities.

Drop-off and pick-up at SAGE Garden everyday.

Monday: Introduction and Dough

Tuesday: Cheeses, Sweet and Savory

Wednesday: Food Systems at OSU

*Field Trip to OSU Dairy and Food Forests

Thursday: Pollinators

*visit from local beekeeper

Friday: Pizza Making and Family Garden Party

*Family Garden Party at 2:00 pm

Camp Pizza Pie: Session Two


August 19 – 23 Pond Cyclers

This is a bike camp. For more information, visit our Bike FAQ page.

Get your feet wet and your hands dirty while exploring the diversity and many features of our local wetlands from their sandy banks, underwater life,  and their tangled plants. We’ll hunt for minnows, frogs, water striders and many more amazing creatures in the unique freshwater ecosystems in our own backyards. The whole family can join in the fun on Friday for a Nocturnal Wetland Life camping event.

Monday: Aquatic Algae and Ecosystems

Drop-off and pick-up at Avery House Nature Center

Tuesday: Pond Habitat Exploration

Drop-off and pick-up at Sunset Park

Wednesday: Bogs and Aquatic Creatures

Drop-off and pick-up at Crystal Lake Sports Park and Boat Ramp

Thursday: Wetland Wonders

Drop-off and pick-up at Stewart Pond (on HP’s Campus)

Friday: Visit Oregon Department of Fisheries & Wildlife

Drop-off at Peavy Arboretum, pick-up at Adair Park

Family Camp Out

*All ages Student / Family overnight camp out at Adair Park (optional)

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SAGE Summer Concerts

Visit the SAGE Summer Concert Series event page for more information.