July 7th – 11th Waterfalls, lakes, giant trees, wild trails and ocean waves. Take a van to some of the most amazing places in Oregon on daily field trips to experience a new adventures each day. Overnight tent camping on Thursday extra van fees $20 a day.

Monday – What are Oregon’s ecosystems?

  • Map Oregon’s diverse ecosystems, Food webs, Ecologist observations of the key players in an ecosystem such as decomposers, producers, predators, prey, and more.

Tuesday – Rocky shores, intertidal zones and the Pacific ocean.

  • Bus trip: Hatfield Marine Science Center; Newport, OR. What is unique to our Oregon coastal ecosystem?
  • Explore niches and examine biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors, Marine mammals, intertidal invertebrates and more!

Wednesday – High desert, shrub scrub plains, and volcanic juniper woodlands.

  • Van trip: Destination TBD
  • Native VS Non-native, soil and flying insects, living with limited water, what makes a desert a desert? And more!

Thursday – Old growth and temperate rainforests.

  • Van trip: Destination TBD
  • Forest comparisons, leaf rubbings, tree life cycles, and more.

Friday – Coast to Cascades; marine versus aquatic ecosystems.

  • Van trip: Destination TBD
  • River explorations, watershed and wetland understanding including the water cycle and fisheries management.