The Georgetown University Energy Prize is a national competition for communities that are leading the way in energy efficiency and conservation. Towns with populations between 5,000 and 250,000 are eligible to compete for the $5 million prize. Citizens and city officials from Corvallis are getting organized to enter the competition.

The prize will be awarded based not only on reductions in energy use, but also on how the community is involved in the process, and whether the energy efficiency approaches can be sustained and applied by other communities.

Timeline for the Competition:

  • Stage 1 – Complete! We submitted our Stage 1 Application in June, 2014 along with 15 letters of support from community organizations, a letter of support from Mayor Julie Manning, unanimous support from City Council, and support from all three of our utility providers. Click here to read the Corvallis Stage 1 Application
  • Stage 2 Quarterfinal – Complete! (August – November, 2014): We submitted our Program Plan in November, 2014. Click here to read the Corvallis Program Plan Summary.
  • Stage 3 Semifinalist Performance Competition (2015-2016): In January, 2015 Corvallis was accepted into the GUEP Semifinalists with 49 other communities. For the next two years, we will compete to reduce our utility-supplied energy consumption in a manner that is likely to yield continuing improvements in Corvallis and replication in other communities. For purposes of this prize, community energy consumption measurements are restricted to energy supplied by gas and electric utilities directly to all residential and municipal customers. Click here to learn how you can help Corvallis save energy and get one step closer to winning $5 million.
  • Finalist Selection, Judging and Awards (January – June, 2017): Finalists will be selected based primarily on energy-saving performance during Stage 3. These Finalists will be invited to submit Final Reports covering relevant aspects of the community’s plan, performance, and future prospects. The Judging Panel will score the final reports in specific, weighted categories and select the winners based on a combination of these scores and the Stage 3 energy-saving performance. The highest-ranking community will be awarded first place, with the requirement that the prize purse benefit the community at large in accordance with spending proposed in the community’s Stage 2 Program Plan. Second and third place will also be awarded; these additional winners will receive special recognition and additional benefits, which may include cash purses.