Energize Corvallis has learned a lot by collaborating with other communities that are working on climate change programs. We’d like to return the favor by sharing the resources we’ve developed with you. If you’d like additional information about any of our programs, or if you’d like to share lessons learned and best practices from your climate change programs, please contact us.

Communities Take Charge (2010 – present)

The Communities Take Charge program is a grassroots approach to reducing energy use through no-cost and low-cost behavior changes. From 2010 – 2014, the Corvallis Environmental Center managed the Communities Take Charge program with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Showcase Communities program.

Climate Showcase Community (2011-2014)

In 2011 the City of Corvallis received a 3-year Climate Showcase Community grant to develop four Energize Corvallis programs that approached residential energy efficiency in different ways. One of the main goals of grant was to provide opportunities for involvement across a broad demographic and spectrum of individual interest.

Corvallis Climate Summit (2014)

For the first Corvallis Climate Summit, we envisioned a time to network, learn about what climate projects were already happening in Corvallis, envision innovative ways forward, and spark new alliances and collaborations. Our hope was that the Summit would help galvanize current efforts, inspire our community to innovate new programs and projects, and help us become a showcase of what is possible when a community is dedicated to doing something now to fight climate change.

Creation Care Workshops (2012-2013)

An Energizer volunteer from the faith community was inspired to help host an Energizers training that was tailored toward recruiting more Energizers volunteers from other local faith communities. This volunteer helped design the Creation Care program for our faith-based outreach efforts.

Energizers (2011-2014)

The goal of the Energizers program was to create a network of residents who would serve as liaisons about energy conservation and climate change efforts to specific groups in the community. The Corvallis Environmental Center managed the Energizers program with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Showcase Communities program.

Neighborhood Sustainability Stewards (2011-2014)

The goal of the Neighborhood Sustainability Steward (NSS) program was to help citizens learn positive action to address climate change by empowering them to make changes in their own lives and to share what they learn by volunteering in the community.

Green Shares (2011-2014)

The goal of the Green Shares project was to increase energy efficiency in Corvallis via interaction with contractors. Contractors have a unique opportunity to encourage installation of maximally efficient equipment at the point of sale. At launch, our strategy was to achieve a culture shift amongst contractors whereby promoting efficiency would become the norm. We aimed to increase the number of contractors focused on energy efficiency and improve the ability of all such contractors to sell energy efficiency measures. By the end of the project, we primarily focused on the latter component of the strategy – increasing energy efficiency sales amongst the self-selected contractors who were interested in seizing the opportunity. TRIG worked towards these goals through a combination of educational opportunities for contractors, connection with leads, resources to support sales, and co-op marketing opportunities.