How can you use heat pump technology?

Grab huge energy savings by taking advantage of current incentives on heat pump technology:


Switch up your water heating:IMG_3114

Heat pump water heaters are four times more efficient than traditional electric water heaters, saving you up to 60% on your water heating costs, up to $300 a year.

Take advantage of up to $1,200 in utility and tax incentives, PLUS a limited-time bonus incentive when you work with one of our three preferred contractors below. Your final installed cost could be as little as $300, with your payback period as short as six months!

For questions or more info on how to get started call (541) 714-5825 or email You can also call a local contractor below!


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Upgrade to efficient electric space heating:Flyerphoto1

Ductless heat pumps offer a higher quality, more efficient alternative to year-round comfort that includes both heating and air conditioning, at a fraction of the cost, saving you 25 – 50% on your heating bills, up to $250 a year.

Take advantage of up to $2,100 in utility and tax incentives.