Your home does a lot for you.

It keeps you dry when it rains, and protects you from the hot summer sun. It gives you a comfortable place to sleep, and spaces to gather with friends and families. But sometimes, the homes we love could do more.

They’re drafty in the winter and steamy in the summer. They run inefficiently, costing us more in energy bills than we want to pay.

That’s why Energize Corvallis and the Corvallis Environmental Center are partners with Enhabit, Oregon’s largest non-profit home performance provider, which brings a one-stop-solution to create more comfortable, safer, healthier, more efficient and even more valuable homes.
To get your home running well, Enhabit formerly known as Clean Energy Works will:
  • Match you with a Certified Contractor
  • Conduct a 100 Point Performance Check (worth $250), to pinpoint essential upgrades to optimize your home
  • Offer no-money-down financing from Enhabit’s local lending partners – home upgrades with no upfront costs
  • Save you up to $3,000 on your total project cost through Enhabit’s rebate package
  • Inspect the Work: Enhabit inspects installed upgrades for FREE – peace of mind and complete 100% quality assurance (a $250 value).
Start to love your home just a little bit more. Apply today with Rebate Code LPCEC.