Energize Corvallis is dedicated to helping Corvallis become one of the most energy-efficient, climate-friendly communities in the United States.


Locally, Energize Corvallis is focused on winning the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize through a local initiative called Take Charge Corvallis. Check out the information below to find out how you can #TakeChargeCorvallis!


Regionally, Energize Corvallis is collaborating with high school teachers to pilot the Classrooms Take Charge program, which encourages high school students to reduce their daily energy use and reinforces climate change concepts that students learn in class with CarbonTIME curriculum. We are piloting the Classrooms Take Charge program in 18 schools in 5 states across the Pacific Northwest.

  • Carly Lettero - Program Director

    Carly is an interdisciplinary researcher, writer, and community organizer. She holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in applied ethics, anthropology, and sociology from Oregon State University with a research focus on climate change. Carly has over ten years of program design and management experience for environmental organizations such as the Spring Creek Project, Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative, The Wildlife Society, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Great Basin Institute. Contact carly@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org

  • Cassandra Robertson - Technical and Program Manager

    Cassandra has a master’s degree in environmental engineering and has managed energy efficiency and conservation programs for nearly two decades. She directed the Resource Efficiency Program providing on-site energy analysis at commercial facilities to help participants cut operational costs through energy efficiency and renewable energy.  She is the lead energy analyst for the Communities Take Charge program and develops the energy savings and calculation methods used on the Communities Take Charge website. Contact cassandra@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org

  • Chrissy Lucas - Program Coordinator

    Chrissy has 10 years experience working for Oregon State University Extension Service in small farms, groundwater protection education, and natural resources. She has an extensive background in youth & adult education, community outreach, event planning, and volunteer management. Contact chrissy@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org

  • Sarah Spangler - Take Charge Corvallis Coordinator

    A recent graduate from Oregon State University and former Energize Corvallis intern, Sarah joined our staff in 2015 to coordinate Take Charge Corvallis and help win the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize. She is dedicated to helping Corvallis residents learn about energy efficiency and take steps to become more environmentally conscious both in their homes and out in the community. Contact takecharge@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org




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