Take a Food Adventure this summer! 

Summer Food Adventures are week-long learning adventures for kids ages 6 – 14 at  Starker Arts Garden for Education, our 1-acre garden in Starker Arts Park.  Each Food Adventure is a unique camp experience that explores food, gardening and cooking.  All Food Adventures include active games, hands-on learning,  garden exploration, art, and eating! Our Food Adventure staff are experienced educators and gardeners.

Spend the summer in the garden. Let your imagination grow at SAGE.

Garden Food Adventures 

(for ages 6 – 8 and 9 – 11)

June 26th- 30th

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Find out what it takes to get food from the garden to your plate! Spend the week exploring, playing and eating at SAGE garden. Learn to plant, tend, and harvest food. Be a garden scientist. And best of all- become an expert at cooking and eating right from the garden!

This summer, Food Adventurers will make:

  • Garden tacos- grind corn to make masa flour, press tortillas, bake them in the earth oven, and harvest fresh veggies for tacos!
  • Homemade pasta- turn wheatberries into flour, mix and form handmade pasta, and make fresh sauces from garden herbs and veggies
  • Rainbow salad rolls- gather veggies from the garden, and roll them up in rice paper for fresh, tasty salad rolls with homemade dipping sauces!
  • Garden sweets- honey and berries are in season at our garden, and kids will get the opportunity to whip up treats and fresh teas utilizing some of the sweetest garden offerings.

Camp Pizza Pie

(for ages 6 – 8 and 9-11)


Session 1: July 10th- 14th

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Session 2: July 17th- 21st

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From dirt to delicious, explore some of our favorite treats from the ground up! Spend the week at SAGE making sweet and savory pizzas in our cobb oven–grind wheat, turn milk into cheese, make sauce from tomatoes and more! Let’s eat! Each day has garden time, games, and pizza-making activities:

  • Monday– Wheat day: thresh, winnow and mill wheat to make crackers.
  • Tuesday– Cheese day: make fresh farm cheese and sample it on our homemade crackers.
  • Wednesday– Sauce day: make pesto and tomato sauce from the garden.
  • Thursday– Dough day: make pizza dough and play-dough.
  • Friday– Pizza day: make pizzas and prepare to share them with our parents at 2pm for a pizza party.

Buzz About Bees

(for ages 6 – 8 and 9-11)

July 24th- 28th

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Bee camp is back by popular demand!  

Garden life depends on these busy, buzzing pollinators.  Suit up and explore hives at SAGE, use beeswax to create candles and lip balm, make treats with honey, and more in this buzy week.

NEW! Farm to Fork Middle School Camp

(for ages 11 – 14)

Session 1: August 7th- 11th

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Session 2: August 14th- 18th

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Ever wondered how the food you eat gets from the farm to your fork?  Spend a week with professional chefs and farmers while you harvest and cook right from the garden.  Experience your food all the way from the soil to your plate!

$200/week + $20 field trip fee
We strive to make our programs available to all. Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis. Please fill out this form BEFORE REGISTERING.
Your child’s space in camp is NOT SECURED until we receive payment. If you are paying by check or cash, please send or deliver payment to the CEC’s downtown office: 116 SW 4th St.
There is a $20 processing fee if you cancel up to 10 days prior the first day of camp. If you cancel with less than 10 days until the first day of camp, your payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

For more information about SAGE Summer Camps, contact or call (541) 753-9211.

You can view a pdf version of our Summer Camp Flyer.