P1040852Dunawi Creek Community Garden is located in Bruce Starker Arts Park on SW 45th Pl and Country Club Dr. in Southwest Corvallis. This 2-acre garden hosts nearly 100 community garden plots, a native plant garden, a shared small-fruit area, and provides four ADA-accessible garden beds. Garden amenities include a stocked tool shed, a rototiller, access to wood chips & leaves, city water, a knowledgeable garden manager, two shared berry patches, a cherry tree, a shared pumpkin and winter squash patch, and a picnic table. The park features a play toy structure, picnic tables, duck pond, and an amphitheater. The Corvallis-Philomath bike path offers easy accessibility as does the Corvallis Transit System bus stop located at the corner of the park. The Corvallis Environmental Center manages the community gardens in partnership with Corvallis Parks and Recreation.


If you are interested in being a NEW community gardener, contact our Community Garden Manager, Kyler, SAGE@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org or 541-753-9211.



Plot fees depend on whether you are reserving your plot for the entire year (perennial plots), or for part of the year (annual plots). All gardeners are required pay a $25 deposit, refundable at the end of the season, upon (1) completing 6 hours of community garden labor, (2) cleaning up your garden for the winter and (3) informing the Garden Manager.

Gardeners are required to pay the following fees prior to assuming responsibility for a plot at Dunawi Creek Community Garden (DCCG):

  • 400 sq ft full-year plot (January – December):  $100  ($75 plot rental + $25 refundable deposit)

  • 200 sq ft half-year plots (April – October):  $70  ($45 plot rental + $25 refundable deposit)

  • 100 sq ft half-year plot (April – October):  $60  ($35 plot rental + $25 refundable deposit)

This fee allows community gardeners to the following items:

  • Access to personal community garden plot for duration of agreement (full year / half year)

  • Access to Community Garden Shed and  tools

  • Water access ~ April – October

  • Leaf mulch (in Fall & Winter)

  • Wood chips (for paths)

  • Administration and support from CEC Garden Manager

Fees are due upon registration. Plots are assigned on a first come first serve basis.  However, returning gardeners from the year prior are given priority



DSCF9300Dunawi Creek Community Garden follows standards outlined by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Please visit their website, www.omri.org to learn more about products, standards, and general organic information. It is your responsibility to find out what is organic and what isn’t.

Here are some basic organic practices:

  • No treated lumber
  • No chemical slug bait
  • Organic fertilizer and organic pest control only
  • Grow sustainably
  • Use cover crops or mulch over winter
  • Mulch to conserve soil moisture
  • Rotate crops yearly