kidsonbikesAug 18th-22nd  Earth Energy Bike – From Sun to plants and throughout wildlife and us. Discover energy and physics working in us and the environment. All kinds of fun with experiments on bikes,  in water,  and with trees.  Explore the transfer and movement of energy in the ecosystem. Field trips: Oak Creek and Crystal Lake

Earth Energy Bike –

Monday Avery House: Energy in You.

  • Nutrition – energy in is energy out. Using our energy to move our bodies and the physics behind making our bikes move learning about speed.

Tuesday MLK Park: Energy in Nature.

  • Understanding how energy from the sun is used by plants and moves through food chains and webs throughout an ecosystem up to top predators and completing the energy cycle with decomposition.

Wednesday – Crystal Lake: Energy from the sun.

  • Sun prints and solar cars can show us the power of the sun’s energy. Light refraction through prisms will amaze us as we see the colors of light.

Thursday Oak Creek and Campus Way Trail: Energy in Water.

  • As we move along the creek we will see the power in the movement of water through sediment transport creating erosion and deposition along the banks. A trip to the wave lab will demonstrate the movement and transfer of energy.

Friday – Avery Park: Energy from Wind.

  • Designing windmills will demonstrate the way wind energy is harnessed and building pinwheels to attach to our bikes will show how to combine movement to increase energy output.

All camps cover ages 5-12 unless age restrictions are stated. Campers are divided into age appropriate groups within camps. Note some camps meet at different locations on some days and all camps have field trips on Thursday. The field trips are great fun!


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