The Corvallis Environmental Center relies on supporters like you to sustain the work that we do. 

Your thoughtful donation means that we can spend more time strengthening and improving our programs and less time fundraising.

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We accept a wide variety of gifts. You can contribute cash, stocks, bonds, real estate and other types of tangible bequests. In most cases, your gift qualifies for maximum tax advantage under federal law. 

Why I give to the CEC:
  • The CEC truly is the hub of activity on environmental causes in our area, supporting the work of so many otherwise independent and varied projects. Thanks to them, there is always a place to contact with any question, concern, or request for help with [these] issues. Their presence in Corvallis enriches our community, and we are delighted to be one small reason it can continue its good works.–First Alternative Coop, partner/supporter

  • Working with the Corvallis Environmental Center has given me a new perspective on how to approach environmental issues in communities. I feel more equipped to go out and make a difference in this world.–Ella Ciones, CEC Former Intern

  • I support the CEC because it diversifies my dollar. I believe in the combined work that they do within their programs and I like knowing that instead of giving to one sustainable cause I can give to an organization that has a multifaceted approach to environmental stewardship.–Andrew Ryan, Continued Donor