Communities Take Charge is dedicated to encouraging people to take charge of their energy use through everyday actions.

How the Communities Take Charge program works:
  1. Choose three energy-saving actions to try for one month from our list of actions and receive an Energy Prize Point. Click here to shop for your actions.
  2. We’ll send you an email in one month to ask you a few questions about your experiences reducing your energy use. We will estimate how much energy you saved based on your feedback.
  3. After you provide feedback, you will receive another Energy Prize Point, and we will add your energy savings to the Corvallis tally.
About Energy Prize Points:
When Corvallis wins the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize, your earned Energy Prize Points will act as raffle tickets. The raffle will include fantastic prizes: one $10,000 grand prize, two $5,000 prizes, five $2,000 prizes, and ten $1,000 prizes!
How do you earn Earn Energy Prize Points? You can earn them in three ways:
  1. Every time you register for three to five energy-saving actions on the Communities Take Charge website, you will receive an Energy Prize Point.
  2. One month after you register for energy-saving actions, we will send you an email asking about your experience reducing your energy use. When you provide feedback online, you’ll receive and Energy Prize Point.
  3. During the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition, we will announce additional ways to earn Energy Prize Points by participating in special energy-saving programs.
Energy Prize Point Rules:
You must live within the Corvallis city limits to earn Energy Prize Points and participate in the raffle. Participants must provide a Corvallis address when they register for Communities Take Charge. Corvallis Environmental Center employees, board members, and their families are not eligible to win raffle prizes. Winners must be over 18. The raffle will take place in 2017